Today is day 3 since Healerzone went public and we already have over 100 members!   Everyone who sees this on 2nd May 2012 is a free for life member.  After that it’s free for a year membership until we have 200, then it’s first month free after that.  At this rate that will be next week!

Since the idea of having free founder members is to thorouhgly test the site, please limit your invitations to people for the short term until we’ve got a few more bugs worked out and we have all the help info up.   If you’d like to get people to join the community, please start them off with the facebook group. Thanks!

So far members have started making friends, posting events, and adding some discussions.  It would be lovely to see a profile pic of some sort for everyone, and a status post or two.  Please remember to give feedback through the Founder Members Group when possible.

Question for the day: how do you track where your business comes from?  The more you know about that, the easier it is to get more of it! – See more at:


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