6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Daily Toxic Intake
Written by Caroline Nettle

  1. Open the Windows – scientists have discovered that the air pollution indoors can be up to 100 times more toxic than outdoors. Carpets, furniture, cleaning products, air freshners, and more contribute to a highly toxic environment. We spend the majority of our time indoors, eating, working, sleeping and spending time with our families. Opening the window can allow the air to circulate and remove some of the toxins and gases.
  2. Eat Organic Food – where possible. Some food is sprayed with pesticides & herbicides up to 10 times before it reaches our tables. Residue from pesticides that were banned over 40 years ago (DDT) routinely turn up in over 50% of foods tested. Pesticides are designed to kill pests, and so imagine what they do inside our highly sensitive body? They have been linked to cancer, dementia, infertility and more.
  3. Read the Ingredients In Your Bathroom Products. Many products that we wash and beautify ourselves with contain ingredients that are harmful to us and have been linked to many diseases. When you take a hot bath or shower, your pores are wide open, and so the toxins are absorbed into our system very easily. If you cannot say it, it is likely that it is not good for you.
  4. Run the Taps For a Few Minutes in the Morning. All houses have lead in their pipes, and it is the most common toxin in our environment and one of the most toxic to humans. Old houses have lead piping and newer houses have plastic pipes with lead soldering. Water sits in these pipes overnight and lead leaches into the water. Run the taps before you cook, wash or drink water for a couple of minutes to allow new water to come through.
  5. Avoid Eating Too Much Tuna or Salmon. Larger fish species such as tuna and salmon carry high levels of mercury. As the smaller fish eat microscopic food particles containing mercury it collects in their tissues and fat. As the larger fish eat the smaller fish, the concentration of mercury increases. This is called bioaccumulation. The fish at the top of the food chain (the ones we like to eat) have an extremely high concentration of toxins in their bodies.
  6. Keep Your Liver Healthy. Avoid excesses of alcohol or fatty processed foods. Your liver plays an extremely important part in your natural detoxification, and so if it is compromised by an unhealthy diet, or excesses of alcohol or drugs, it may struggle to naturally cleanse your body of the toxins.

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To Your Continued Health!

Caroline Nettle



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