If you want to go from student or hobbyist to being a full-time, professional therapist, it’s not just about your therapeutic skills.  I know – sigh…..
So what could be getting in your way?

  1. You aren’t clear about your deep ‘why’, you just have a general desire to help people.
    (Check in with your own history, often your personal Healer’s Journey holds the key.)
  2. You have no idea who your ideal client is.
    (Makes it very hard to reach the people with whom you can make the biggest difference.)
  3. You worry that other therapists are in competition with you.
    (get clear on 1 and 2, and you’ll realise how unique you are.  Referral circles with your peers are a great way to grow your business.)
  4. You already get exhausted by some – or all – of your clients, and fear it will be overwhelming if you go full-time.
    (You’re not alone.  Sensitive and empathic people often create unhealthy rapport with clients, and end up feeling that they take on client stuff.  You honestly don’t have to spend your life struggling to block stuff out – there are healthier ways to manage your energy.)
  5. You don’t have great business skills.
    (You trained in therapeutic skills, you can train in that, and even outsource to someone competent and get on with what you do best.  Whether you do it yourself or not, you really need to know what has to be done.)
  6. You wonder how you’ll ever be able to take a holiday if you only work at an hourly rate.
    (There are dozens of ethical ways to create multiple streams of income, such as online courses,  running your own therapy centre or selling products you recommend anyway.)
  7. You think selling is manipulative or sleazy.
    (Good sales and marketing is all about reaching the people who need your help.  If they don’t know you’re out there, who will they turn to?)
  8. You feel guilty asking for money from people in need
    (You can’t help people if you don’t stay in business.  If you don’t value what you do, you can end up giving your time, expertise, energy, money and opportunities away without being rewarded for it.   If you don’t value your work, the chances are that neither will your clients. They probably pay for other things that aren’t good for them without batting an eye. – let them decide if what you do is important enough for them.  It’s fine to consider sliding scales, discounts for pensioners or other categories.  Do remember that the more money you bring in, the more free stuff you can afford to give away.)
  9. You feel unsupported and isolated
    (That’s such a common issue, it’s why I set up Healerzone.  Get involved with the community, online or with our networking groups.)

How many rang alarm bells?  If none of them did, I hope you’re already a successful therapist!
If you think you could do with some help, please get in touch.  Even if I don’t have the answers you need, I probably know someone who does!

Together, we grow!

Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone
01462 624 160


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