Whether you’re trained/training as a healer, complementary therapist, spiritual teacher, lifestyle coach, or other wellness approach, you are really passionate about what you do, and have put a lot of time, energy, and probably money, into getting good at it!  But maybe the actual business part isn’t what you’d like it be at the moment.  Perhaps you’d like to go from student, volunteer or part-time practitioner to being full-time, or you’re already working long hours but struggling to pay the bills.  You’ve got lots of skills, but that’s not all that a business involves –  I know – sigh…..

So what could be getting in your way?  If any of the following thoughts resonate, it’s worth exploring your options.

  1. You have a desire to help everyone, but you aren’t clear about your deep ‘why’ and have no idea who your ideal client is.
    (Many therapists say ‘I can help anyone’, but you can only help the people who actually show up and are ready to be helped.   The more specific you are about who you want to serve, the clearer your message and the more you attract the people you are here to serve most effectively, and love to work with.  Check in with your own history, often your personal “Healer’s Journey” holds the key. )
  2. You worry that other therapists are in competition with you.
    (get clear on point 1, and you’ll realise how unique you are.  There are lots of people who simply aren’t trained to do what you do, or don’t want to it.  Even if someone has trained in dozens of different skills, they may not want to focus on the sort of issues you do.  Referral circles with your peers are a great way to grow your business.  Get your message clear – see point 1. – and you’ll find collaboration becomes a big part of your strategy and brings clients to you with much less effort.  Don’t get caught up in thinking there’s not enough to go around, there will always be people who aren’t being served already who need, and can afford, what you offer.)
  3. You already get exhausted by some – or all – of your clients, and fear it will be overwhelming if you take on more to grow your business. 
    (You’re not alone.  Sensitive and empathic people unintentionally create unhealthy rapport with clients, and end up feeling that they take on client stuff.  You honestly don’t have to spend your life struggling to block stuff out – there are healthier ways to manage your energy. Stay grounded.  Self-nurture.  Recognise what’s yours and what’s the client’s stuff.  And get in touch if you need more help, that’s a big part of my work with Healerzone members.)
  4. You really don’t know much about running a business and are scared to take the plunge.
    (This is where most therapists start.  Just remember, you trained in therapeutic skills, so you know you CAN learn!
    Talk to other therapists who are successful about how they manage their business.  Get a decent accountant who works with clients in the wellness industry.  Do some general training, often free from your local government authority which probably loves to support local business. Get a business coach who is successful themselves.
    Create a business plan that you can tweak, and make sure you really can earn enough each month to comfortably pay the bills, at least after a few months.  You might choose to build up how many days per week you work over time.
    Once you really need to know what has to be done you can potentially outsource to someone competent with the bookwork/social media/web design etc and get on with what you do best.)
  5. You wonder how you’ll ever be able to take a holiday, let alone retire, if you only work at an hourly rate.
    (There are dozens of ethical ways to create multiple streams of income AND helping more people  such as creating online courses, writing books, workshops, retreats, webinars, and/or selling products or services you would recommend anyway.  Plus, there are ethical investment options when you have money left over as your business flourishes.)
  6. You worry that selling is manipulative or sleazy.
    (Good sales and marketing is all about reaching the people who need your help.  If they don’t know you’re out there, who will they turn to?
    Please remember that although you write your blogs, talk on your videos and create your ads etc wanting to reach a large audience, only ONE person at a time will see or hear your message.  Make sure the ones who need your help most will recognise they need what you offer.   Unless you’re talking to an audience who is already Googling for what you do, in the terms you talk about it, you’ll need to gently educate your potential clients on its value.  Start by talking about what the client is experiencing, their problems, their worries, THEN tell them how your clients have been able to improve, and THEN tell them how you do it.)
  7. You are not comfortable using social media for business
    (Even if you’re on it daily as a personal user, it’s worth getting training on using at least one platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc – to reach, educate and support your potential clients. You don’t need to do everything at once.  Get some help and start. You’ll learn by doing, and having some support.  Helpful hint:  If you put in a code or keyword in your posts to quote when they get in touch, ideally so they get a nice little freebie or bonus,  use different codes  in different places, and note them down, so you can track where your leads come from.)
  8. You feel guilty asking for money from people in need
    (You could end up in need yourself if you don’t, and you can’t help many people if you don’t stay in business!  If you don’t value what you do, you can end up giving your time, expertise, energy, money and opportunities away without being rewarded for it.   If you don’t value your work, the chances are that neither will your clients. They probably pay for other things that aren’t good for them without batting an eye. – let them decide if what you do is important enough for them.  When you build your business model, consider sliding scales, discounts for pensioners, scholarship places to events, voluntary work etc.  Do remember that the more money you bring in, the more free stuff you can afford to give away!)
  9. You worry you’d be unsupported and isolated
    That’s such a common issue, it’s why I set up Healerzone.  Get involved with the community, through our forums on the website, in the facebook groups, video calls or local meetups.

How many rang alarm bells?  If none of them did, I hope you already have a flouishing practice!
If you think you could do with some help, please get in touch and arrange a free half-hour consultation on any of the above topics.  Healerzone.com professional members get a 25% discount on any mentoring/training after that.  Just quote this article.

Together, we grow!

Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone
01462 624 160



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