Don’t you love synchronicity?
Jen contacted me an hour ago to ask if I could please tell Healerzone
members more about our co-authored book, My MacGuffin.

Unbeknownst to her, I was preparing a blog post to announce
that the book was officially released today and is now available on Amazon!

Unbeknownst to me, though, Jen is probably psychic… 🙂
Anyway, for more info, I’ve compiled a little FAQ, so read on!

Who are you guys?

Jayden Bliss built a successful software company before founding
a global networking organisation. He has since run property and
financial services ventures.

Michael Nunes Burgess has undertaken 8,000+ client sessions
during 17 years in management consulting. Thousands of students
have gained from his endorsed ‘social enterprise’ and business programmes.

What is My MacGuffin about?

Touching, profound, raw and raucous, My MacGuffin integrates the
irreconcilable: business and spirituality. An indispensable resource for
improving your practice and your clientele: lifting the world of commerce to its highest ideal.

Who should read it?

It is written for advisors, coaches, mentors, support professionals
and therapists, whether employed and/or running their own practices.

Why did you call it that?

In addition to the bio’s above, Jayden is also a seven-time
award-winning film producer and Michael’s first venture was
in video production. The movie love gives the plot away…
a ‘MacGuffin’ is a plot device–hidden contents of a case, secret documents–
unseen by the audience yet intrinsic to character motivation.
Coined by Alfred Hitchcock, it correlates with the quest to learn
who we are, why we are here and where we are going.

The creative arts–principally literature, film, music and theatre–
are mass mediums that reflect the microcosm that constitutes each
person’s journey. They enable beneficial context for ‘big picture’ issues,
while allowing focus on specific, relevant matters in our everyday experience.
Our daily ‘dramas’ may be punctuated by greater tragedy and high adventure,
very much akin to soaring compositions and epic thrillers. It is a challenge,
then, to reconcile opposing dynamics, maintaining balance sufficiently
to perceive, and then align with, one’s inner script.

At face value, one’s spiritual plot is pre-script-ive: fate already determined.
Yet change and paradox are the only guarantees. Certain patterns may well
repeat, subject to cause and effect. So-called ‘sacred contracts’ add further
layers that appear to be inescapable. There remains, though, in each and
every moment, the dynamic potential of free will. This is the point at which
one may, by divine grace, create or re-create. Subject to the forces that we
have already set in motion, we have the gift of being able to choose how we
explore and experience any or all facets of All That Is.

In other words, your plot–your MacGuffin–represents your purpose,
your meaning and the directions that you may opt to take.

What are people saying about the book?

“We’re living in highly transformative times…
guide-books like this are essential. Jayden and Michael share their real-deal,
full-spectrum of experience–a book to keep at hand’s reach.”

Jamie S. Walters, The Academy of the Divine Feminine, author of Big Vision, Small Business.

“We value higher purpose in our mission and these guys understand what that means. The first book to offer unified, empowering perspectives on making a difference in a multi-dimensional workplace. Interrelatedness is examined with insight and humour: business as it should be!”

Simon Dixon, author, CEO, Bank To The Future

 Can we have a sneak preview?

Spirituality is an infinite concept. Business is virtually incomprehensible in theory and practice. Consequently, deep exploration of both is beyond the scope of the book.

In this period of unprecedented change, My MacGuffin is intended to be a timely ‘cheerleader.’ Our aim is to instill confidence in support professionals by raising awareness of other practitioners who are integrating spiritual beliefs in the workplace. Our objective is to ‘enable the enablers’ by providing examples of authentic practice. May this be an indispensable resource for you to draw upon, as you continue making a difference to your clientele.

There are innumerable business books and, from our viewpoint, encouragingly, ever increasing spirituality-related titles. The best ‘edge’ in either genre is to ‘kiss-and-tell.’ A close second is to publish ‘know-how.’

However, two points:

1) Professional advisors are, rightly, bound by relevant Codes of Conduct. Anecdotes and case studies of a generic nature are permitted. Specific client information is not.

2) Arguably, no one today has perfected the art of enlightened living. If they have and indeed were to have made that public, they would likely be worshipped while they walk on water. Likewise, it is a truism that no one has devised the perfect business model. It stands to reason that they would already be exploiting the licensing rights, the rest of us following it via a Haynes Owners Workshop Manual special edition, while they sip drinks on a beach in Tahiti.

People want easy solutions. Let our tales be reminders that these are improbable in business. In relation to spiritual adepthood, quick fixes are likely to be dubious. Experiences in the workplace and of spirituality are also unique to each individual. In an age of soundbite, spin and micro blogging, it’s easy to come across as superficial. We want you to read slowly, to contemplate and to then apply thoughts and feelings arising from our words in your spheres of influence.

The book is a synthesis and our stories are multi-layered. They are derived from our respective experiences of being, at varying times, employed, under-employed, unemployed, self-employed and employers. We explore the relationship between seemingly opposing dynamics, without creation of a ‘how-to’ or glib claim that we have mastered anything. Dichotomy and paradox are the hallmarks of ‘All That Is’: intriguing and infuriating in equal measure.

Although we welcome all readers, especially those drawn to pick titles up from a charity shop bookshelf (oh, the power of synchronicity!), we haven’t set out to appeal to those starting their working lives, beginners in business or newcomers to a spiritual path. We wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re aiming at the masters of each, either. Our stories are what they are: by co-authors part of the way along their paths, shared with their peers whose own journeys have yet to be completed.

The co-authors have common interests and similar backgrounds but are very different people. We see little value in a twee approach to defining spirituality, much less fluffy proposal for business integration. There is a plethora of ‘how-to’ spiritual books and business titles lining not only the shelves of the booksellers but those of practitioners, too. Experience with our own clients is that few ever actually implement advice, however well intentioned, wise or unwittingly sanctimonious it may be. Humanity is wired up to learn from experience, not vicariously via armchairs or words.

Nevertheless, My MacGuffin reveals extraordinary and hilarious accounts unlike any business book you have read. It touches on profound topics in non-prescriptive fashion in 23 chapters, in two parts. We share our own and others’ highs and lows, of what ‘worked’ and what didn’t.

Predominantly working with start-ups, Jayden and Michael have assisted the forward progression of pretty much every known business idea: from ‘reality show’ formats to gender-reassignment products. A few clients have ventures that have traded for over a century, many less than a few weeks, most yet to begin in earnest. Passionate contenders are reminded that it is a marathon not a sprint. Marketing hyperbole has it that one’s purpose in business is to ‘win.’ Spirituality concerns itself with ‘being.’ In finding a balance, the workplace remains a competitive arena in which victory is better measured by the highest realisation of self and being for the benefit of all.

Humanity is still mostly as three blind men studying an elephant: a closed-minded scientist at the trunk, the fanatical religious leader at the tail and an ungrounded mystic touching the belly, each insistent that the other is wrong. The defence of one’s beliefs appears to be killing us. The burden of our prejudices and emotional baggage weighs heavy at a time when we are being forced to lighten the load. It’s time to lay our crosses down.

Part of the problem is latency. To be precise, lag between a thought, arising action and delayed observable outcome. Most people do not associate their thoughts with the long-term consequences thereof. Only when there is a problem do they want help. That is when clientele are ‘steered’ into our paths.

Part of the solution may be in the minds and actions of social entrepreneurs. With online and face-to-face networks at their disposal, they are joining the stage and screen celebrity personas as, to quote Robert Handy, “new alchemists.” They are representatives of light who are illuminating and transforming one of the last bastions of darkness: the realm of commerce. Of the 4.5 million businesses in the UK, only around 100,000 are charitable or social enterprises. Most of them are making a difference at a local level and this is where economic focus will return. Fundamental shifts are changing our priorities. While we have access to global communities, we must make the most of it, in order to help re-establish the principles that enabled local community enterprise to flourish for millennia prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Changes on many levels are freeing us from self-imposed restrictions. This is something to be celebrated, representing opportunity for those of us in positions of responsibility. We are well placed in spheres of influence to empower those who seek our help. Increasing numbers of people will continue to be steered to our doors. We are messengers of, and ambassadors for, a new paradigm. We may not know exactly how things will turn out or precisely when the full effects of a shift will be experienced. With focus on the vision of a unified, harmonious world, mindful of past lessons while we remain present in the eternal ‘now,’ we will be as prepared as we can be.

Consider the path recounted thus far. Love of the word befits those who communicate with diverse clientele. Love of written works allows us to acquire and share knowledge. Loving to ‘relate’ is the power of storytelling over mere ‘core competency’ imparting of fact. Helping others to love themselves and their work assuages one’s own pain. In short, these are not ‘person specification’ and ‘job description’ requirements of vocation: they characterise the nature of a ‘calling.’

A spiritual warrior is thought of as one free of worldly attachment, living nomadically and simply, the very antithesis of an existence driven by consumer aspiration. Businesspeople, burdened with the responsibilities of a job, perhaps for staff as well as a mortgage and family, appear to represent the opposite end of the spectrum. No wonder spirituality and business seem irreconcilable.

One of the principle tenets of spiritual wisdom is balance: the middle way. Many admirable qualities of a life given in devotion to others are valued more highly in realms other than this world. Yet, despite whatever doubts we have about our abilities, our weaknesses, our gifts, our roles and right timing, we are meant to be here with each other. It will be time, soon, for our elusive MacGuffins to be fully revealed.

Wow! Where can I get a copy?

Ebook or paperback formats are available now via!

We’re putting together some learning resources and videos and stuff in the coming months on our website It’s still a work in progress, but you are welcome to pop over to say hi and share your stories 🙂 And, of course, come and say hi here at Healerzone!



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