Hi, welcome to Healerzone, the healers’ own community!   Healerzone’s core vision is to provide a nurturing community environment with a wide range of personal and business resources for well-being providers of all kinds.  Our community embraces a wide range of modalities: medical, complementary, spiritual, artistic, fitness, counselling and many more.

Healerzone’s inclusive community brings together people at every stage of the healing journey – those who seek help, and those who provide it (sometimes they’re the same people of course!)   Our core passion is to support resilience in people who support everyone else.  Practitioners and students of all well-being modalities can find connections, support, and practical resources to help them thrive and grow long term.  We also welcome heart centred business owners whose work directly supports the well-being community.

Join us to connect with like-minded people who really understand what gets your heart singing and your juices flowing!   All members can chat on the forums, share ideas, access articles and videos, with more free content every day.  Practitioners can list in the Directory, write articles, list events, therapy, readings and relevant support services.  They will also be able to add their own online courses and sell items in our Marketplace.

Enjoy networking meetings with fellow Practitioners around the UK and beyond to create rich friendships and valuable business connections.  If  you’re interested in a speaker at a distant group, you may have the option of attending by video conference call as more groups are looking at building this option in.
Want a group in your area?  Please get in touch.  

Our main purposes are:

  1. Supporting and connecting the people whose focus is the well-being of others, whatever approach they may use.
  2. To become a resource hub for all things related to holistic well-being.
  3. Networking, on and off-line, for well-being providers, such as local group meetings, online forums, exhibitions and video conferencing.  Together, we grow!
  4. Showcasing members via articles, interviews, social media and more
  5. Encouraging self-care for those who care for others – after all you can’t give what you don’t have!  We recommend you arrange therapy swaps with other members as appropriate.
  6. Training and services for well-being providers to grow their businesses and therapeutic skills, based on the Heart Centred Healer programme created by Jen Tiller.
  7. Connecting healers and service providers to the people who need their skills and experience via the Directory and forums 
  8. Sharing information, events and industry updates
  9. Providing a public forum on well-being topics, where like-minded people from all walks of life can share and connect

Please check individual profiles for qualifications and experience. Although membership of Healerzone does not imply accreditation, Professional members are expected to uphold high ethical standards.  Members will be removed from the community if there is evidence that they have behaved in a less than ethical way

Membership levels and benefits – and yes, you can go up and down in your levels:

Healerzone Social Membership (free)
is open to everyone interested in a ‘whole person’ approach to well-being,
whether practitioners or not.  

* social profile
* access to forums and groups
* connection and messaging with other members
* ability to view free resources such as articles and videos
* personal blog
* ability to add have one event to be listed on the calendar at any given time
* basic listing in the Directory in 1 category only
* members of the profession can attend Healerzone networking groups at the full rate per event

Professional Membership (£35 per year or just £3.50 per month)
is for practitioners of all kinds and at all levels from students and to experts (medical, complementary, spiritual), and/or service and product providers whose focus is working with the well-being professions.
In addition to the Social Membership benefits, these members can:

* Create an extensive full page Directory listing with map and category search capability.  Up to 5 categories may be chosen. Images and up to 2 videos may be included.  Unlimited links.
* 1 e-course can be created and sold through the Healerzone site using our built-in e-course software.
* Discounts on Healerzone networking events, 20% off HZ workshops. and from services by many of the members
* organise swaps and shares with other members
* have priority consideration for being speakers at Healerzone networking events
* add unlimited events to the calendar
* submit blogs to be added to the Articles section (these are moderated, so keep them content rich!)
* Products and Services may be sold through our online shop
* Free downloads such as 2 books by Healerzone Founder Jen Tiller, guided visualisations
* Ask about being interviewed for Healerzone TV
* 20% discount on mentoring/coaching/therapy sessions with Healerzone founder Jen Tiller throughout your membership
*  50% discount on one logo animation from the Healerzone business package, 20% discount on additional logo animations
* More benefits added every month!

Entrepreneur Membership (£200 per year or £20 per month).  In addition to the Social and Professional Membership benefits, these members can:  
* Create unlimited Directory Listings in unlimited categories (ideal if you have a therapy centre)
* Listings are Featured at the top of relevant searches on the Directory
* Create unlimited e-courses through the Healerzone site using our built-in e-course software.
*  25% to 50% discounts on Healerzone training events and workshops; discounts on exhibition stands and more.
* Priority consideration for joint ventures with Healerzone and speaking opportunities at exhibition and conference events
* Lower percentage paid on sales through the shop site
* 2 hours of free mentoring/therapy/training with Healerzone founder Jen Tiller
* 2 free logo animations from the Healerzone business package and 50% discount on additional logo animations
* Discounts on banner advertising on the site and at events

Terms and conditions of use are very basic:

Be honest, ethical, and polite. If you need help, ask. If you have a Directory Listing, only advertise outcomes and techniques you are competent to provide.  If you say have qualifications, be able to prove them on request by your clients.

Posts are moderated. Keep it nice, and preferably uplifting and content rich. Do not spam, troll or abuse your privileges in any way. If in doubt, ask. For minor infractions, members will receive a private warning message, for multiple minor or single major infractions, members will be removed without further warning and sent an email to that effect.  If that occurs, it is the member’s responsibility to stop any recurring payments they may have set up in Paypal.    Please note that local Group leaders can set their own boundaries on who attends meetings or joins Facebook groups (as long as it is in accordance with EASS guidelines). Appropriate behaviour for our industry is required.

If you want to change membership levels, let us know.   If you have a paid membership (Professional or above) please ensure your payments are made as agreed – monthly or annually, whatever you’ve set up.  If payments are missed, you will be notified, and your membe
rship lowered to the free access level until your payments resume, at which point full access and profile details will be reinstated.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.


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