A healer’s journey.

I started life needing healing.  Filling that need seems to have been the core of my life, until eventually I had enough to share. That was the beginning. Here’s a little bit about my journey to Healerzone.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, the family was riven by alcohol and health problems and I had life-threatening allergies, asthma etc from a baby.  Although it wasn’t clear at the time, a desire to escape (at least partly) drove me to marry very young, and at 55 have a daughter of 37.  I was a piano teacher working from home for many years, which was ideal as  in addition to ongoing severe, chronic asthma and allergies , post-natal depression that went undiagnosed for years,  I developed agoraphobia when I was diagnosed (labelled!) allergic to the 20th century –  being told by my consultant “If you can smell ANYTHING, RUN!”  is enough to make anyone paranoid about going into the world!

I tried a wide range of therapies and spent a fortune seeking answers, desperate to be able to breathe freely and relax.  Gradually, in fits and starts when I found something that worked, I improved.  Got a life. Got divorced.  Oh well, the journey has consequences!

After a while I moved into corporate training, offering assertiveness training, relaxation skills, communication workshops etc., mostly in government departments in Canberra.

In 2000, I moved to the UK with my second husband Mark.  My daughter stayed in Australia with her then boyfriend – I thought it would be a short stay but I’m still here – I’m sure you can do the math!

Over the years I’d  trained in most of the treatments that I found effective, so now I’m an NLP Trainer, Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner, Buteyko Breathing therapist, EFT Practitioner, ex-asthmatic, ex-agoraphobic, and recovering perfectionist!

When I moved to the UK, I worked part time, seeing individual clients, occasionally running training for colleges and small businesses, or master classes for performers.  I began to spend more time training and mentoring my colleagues, enjoying spending time with like-minded people.

After some years listening to too many colleagues telling me how well their clients were doing, but how exhausted, isolated or lacking support they themselves felt, I created the Heart Centred Healer Programme. Intended to create a personal blue-print for resilience, combining practical, spiritual and business elements, I soon discovered that plans and implementation were very different things, and my students required a lot more than a 2 day workshop, however useful!

That’s where Healerzone stemmed from – a community to support resilience in people who support everyone else!
Since then the community has grown dramatically, between Facebook, Twitter, and the .com site, we have nearly 6000 members.   In order to stay resilient in the Healer ‘zone’, please make use of the support, training and community.

A bit of personal info: I read voraciously, am an exhibiting artist and photographer, author of several books, and winner of the BEW Innovation Award for my educational products (from way back when I was a piano teacher!) These days I spend a lot of time as a volunteer at the Cat Survival Trust (the big guys – snow leopards, mountain lions, jaguar and more) running tours of the site, fund-raising, and whenever possible cuddling babies or giving Reiki.  (pics on left of me giving Reiki to Athena, a female jaguar, and cuddling a baby mountain lion cub (socialising is important for animals that have to deal with humans).jen-giving-jagsy-reiki

jen-cuddling-baby-mountain-lion-cubThat’s enough about me for now.  Feel free to connect with me directly on Healerzone.

Love, light and laughter,




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