Yay!! Easy peasy lemon squeezeee tool for transformation!

If you are looking to expand your life and transform or attract something new or different, -money, relationships, health, business, career, your environment, your sex life, anything and everything.. you could start by suspending everything you have ever known, believed, or concluded and start living in the question.

That is asking questions and then continuing to ask questions but WITHOUT concerning yourself with the answers.

Weird right?

Actually no, more smart than weird. That’s because questions are always expansive and empowering whereas answers are limiting. You see, the minute you come up with an answer or a conclusion about something, you’ve made a decision. And that decision shuts down all other options that are outside of that awareness. Maybe even greater and better possibilities that you ever would have imagined, but probably never will because you already closed your mind to them.

But it does makes perfect sense that it would seem weird. After all, we’ve been programmed from a very early age to always find and know the answers to questions. And made to be wrong if we didn’t know the answer.

Well what if there were no right or wrong? What if there was just choice? And possibility?

Asking questions is one of the fastest most effective, pragmatic ways of opening up to attract and receive more in your life. It activates your brain to be ready and open to see what else is on offer for you to choose. The idea is to ask a question in order to bring the energy of it up into your awareness. You’re then perfectly placed to receive what’s out there for you to receive.

You can get super clever with this and really play with it but to get started try asking “what else is possible?” and see how things start to show up. I mentioned earlier relationships, money, business and so on – you can also try it on small things too. Like parking spaces or inflexible customer service lol. What else is possible? Try it and see. And keep trying it. Most of all have fun with it. Like anything the more you do it the better you get.

If you’re really going to go for it my recommendation is to ask questions about EVERYTHING. and don’t stop. Ask “And what else is possible now?” and “How does it get even better than this?” try those for size, or better think up some great questions for your own life and living.

~What can I do to change this?
~What would it take for ____________ to show up?
~Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures can I have & create?
~How can this turn out better than anything I could have imagined or planned?
~What contribution can I be to the consciousness of the planet?
~How much am I willing to receive?
~What phenomenal results can I generate?

Have fun with it. I am.

Love & Gratitude,

Linda Stewart
Transformational Bodywork Coach
Access Bars facilitator


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