Benfleet, Essex, UK  / 12-13-14 November  2012

I am enjoying “The Fall” , here in Essex.  The yellow, gold and fawn coloured leaves are really falling now, bright in the sunlight, after 4 nights of frost.  It is a relief.

Correspondingly, lots of old ways (that came up like ghosts or ghouls of the Soul, over Samhain/Halloween) are now falling away too.  They have been shedding their tears like the rain of leaves outside my windows from the sturdy timeless oaks, since Samhain. All that internal grief needs to be released.  If you have been wondering why you have been having such a hard time this last month it’s because it is the Season to grieve and let go. The Metal Season.

Now, gradually, these old programmes, ingrained attitudes, beliefs and automatic behaviours of the past are clearing – leaving a new space ready to be filled with Love, Light & Abundance behaviour.  The leaves of this year carrying the waste to Mother Earth.  Let them GO.


It is important, if you have been doing this kind of deep cleansing (especially with the recent Scorpio Full Moon , Scorpio Sun, and Scorpio New Moon energies)  that you fill up those now empty spaces with interesting, inspiring, life fulfilling affirming thoughts, emotions and actions.

As luck would have it, or is it just the Universe knows what it’s doing, we have a  Scorpio Solar Eclipse to top these releases off. “I Release the DEEP Code / behavior/ brakes on,  that hurts my heart & soul”.

Away with all the unnessesary deep xxxt that has been building up and inhibiting full flow of life force and creative abundance. In with the deep magnetic super highway attraction to Source and recieving of the Solar Spirit.

Fill yourself up with deep passion, activities of the heart, activities that support your physical heart, heart-felt knowing of what you want in your everyday life. Your secret hidden side to be your new shining choice of Life.  You deserve it. You have been working and earning this Way for many years now. Let it Shine on through the deep sleep of winter-conception to actively emerge manifest in the spring.


facebook%20profile.jpg Louise Ann Woodcock (KFRP)
Movement Facilitator. Natural Healthcare & Self Development Practitioner.
Sharer & Teacher of tools & protocols that allow for
better self awareness, self control & self development.
Developer of The 3 Step – 7 Ways *free your Spirit* Process


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