We receive a constant barrage of media reports compelling us to do something to make a difference in the world and it is our nature to help wherever and however we can. However, the needs of friends and loved ones alone can feel overwhelming at times so, add this to our concerns for our global community, it is little wonder that those of us of a caring nature  are at risk of burning out at just the time when we are needed more than ever.

Christina Maslach who wrote the book Burnout – The Cost of Caring,states “It [burnout] is a response to the chronic emotional strain of dealing extensively with other human beings, particularly when they are troubled or having problems.”

Carers, Therapists and Light workers are particularly vulnerable as they can be lonely, often working in isolation with people who are in crisis or pain and in addition, therapists work when most people are off work. Unlike other types of work, theirs is often slow and has no tangible results.

How then do we find balance between burning brightly and burning out? What puts us at risk and what can we do to prevent it? No one is immune.

We are at risk of burnout when there is an imbalance between the realities of life and our expectations or we are so caught up in the mechanics that we forget why we were doing it in the first place. Burnout happens when we do not make time for rest, regeneration and connection to our Higher Self. We must ensure that we care for and maintain our four vital layers, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

When our life force energy burns brightly, we find that our thoughts, emotions and actions flow easily from our alignment to our soul purpose. We feel energized, filled with the positive attitude that leads to achievement and time flies by with ease. We are in the flow, love life and feel our connection to everything.

Step back and assess what you are doing. Why you are so involved? Are you doing it from a place of guilt, duty or because others expect you to? If so, maybe you should clarify what your own values are so that you can align yourself with your core values. If our actions are out of alignment with our core values there is friction and stress.

We tell ourselves that we will take care of our needs when we have met the needs of our significant others, when the truth is that it can only happen the other way around.Often we kid ourselves that we are “OK” and coping well but yet our energy tells a different story. Why do airline safety briefings tell you that you must put your own oxygen mask on first?

We must accept that we are not responsible for another’s life choices, or lack of responsibility. We are responsible only for our own life, including the choices we make. Know what is feasible for you to contribute and do just those things. By letting go of unrealistic expectations we focus our energy on what we can do and are able to do that well.

It is important to stay connected with people who can give you support and encouragement. Plan time to reconnect with your inner child and leave the adult cares behind for a time of carefree play, go for walks and reconnect with nature. A half-hour walk every day is essential, not only to exercise your vehicle and boost all systems, but also to attune you to the rising changes of nature’s energy all around you at this time. Develop a routine of exercise, clearing, eating unprocessed foods and drinking clean water. If the body is not cleared and maintained in balance, then all of your emotional, mental and spiritual progress cannot be grounded into a new way of life. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Make time to nurture your soul through meditation, contemplation or prayer…make friends with that long lost inner child hiding inside and pass on positive affirmations. ..No more limiting self beliefs that drag your vibration down and dim your light!

When you take time to renew yourself in these areas (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) you will find yourself more able to live in the moment. Stay focused on every “Now” moment. Be aware of what thoughts occupy your mind. Learning to be in command of your thoughts and emotions will show measurable results. Your light will shine brightly to bring hope, laughter and comfort to others.

Self-care is not a luxury, not an option; self-care is your first priority. Spend your money on yourself rather than accumulating more “stuff” you don’t really need. This is not selfish, on the contrary, without you; many will not have the support they need.

Heaven is a state of mind and ascension is a state of grace reached through clearing and balancing all four of your layers. Along the way, learn to work and play with childlike enthusiasm.

The best way of avoiding burnout is through creating a balance in one’s life: Balance between giving and receiving. Burnout is avoided when there is balance between work, relationships, parenthood, community, friends, and solitude. We must all be mindful of taking care of ourselves so that we can continue to care for others.

The lamp cannot burn without oil.

Helen Grinder  1st June 2012

I have firsthand experience of burnout and is passionate about helping others who may be at risk.  A very special 12th century monastery in France is the energy centre for all the  work  I am now doing.  Between being a volunteer therapist at a hospice and developing an incredible new therapy, si have  made The Monastery available for much needed retreats and seminars.

To connect with me and find out more about my journey, The Monastery and my work please visit  www.liftyourspirit.co.uk


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