I’ve had a therapy practise (including NLP, EFT, Buteyko breathing as well as being a Reiki practitioner and teacher) for over a decade.  Here are some simple suggestions for increasing your business.  I refer here to Reiki, but this is relevant for any technique.
  • Swaps and shares with other therapists who don’t do Reiki themselves can result in cross referrals – ideally deliberately create a ‘referral circle’ with people you know, like and trust (eg life/business coach, osteopath, acupunturist etc).  They don’t have to cross refer to each other, just with you.  Connect with Healerzone members directly – and not just at the level of a click.  Send messages, chat, organise 1-1s!  Developing relationships is key.
  • Twitter pages are great, and join relevant facebook groups (obviously www.facebook.com/groups/healerzone).    The trick is to balance ‘ads’ with information, social stuff and inspirational content.
  • The more people who know you, the more rapidly awareness of your business grows; business networking can be very valuable. check out WIBN, WiRE, BNI, your local Chamber of Commerce etc.   You’ll have to find a group you’re comfortable with – some are very structured and formal, others casual.   There are therapist specific events too!
  • Networking at fairs and exhibitions (whether you have a stand yourself, or just chat and exchange business cards as appropriate at events) can be very helpful.  Check out the HZ Events listing as a start!
  •  An additional source of income that matches your ethics can also result in increased Reiki business eg: I’m a consultant for Neal’s Yard organic remedies, skincare, aromatherapy,  Wonderful, ethical products, and in the process of exploring what people value, discussions get started about the broader ethos of well-being.uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/jentiller  And of course any additional income supports the rest of your business.
  •  You are likely to be able to help more people when your business is successful, so  get comfortable with the idea of making money, handling money, and being in business in general.    Crucial to Law of Attraction is to have your energy, intention and offering aligned  and if you’re not comfortable with accepting money as well as giving treatments, time, energy, and outlay on training etc the whole upward spiral can get stuck.  This is true even for charities.
  • Get some marketing training!!!!  To implement a business strategy that fits your ethos, you need a clear message that can be understood by anyone (not only people who already understand the concept of holistic well-being).   Then you need a practical strategy.  What’s your demographic?  How will you reach them?  If you’re not comfortable ‘advertising/selling’ what are the effective alternatives?
    There’s some free stuff under the Training tab, and check out David Marshall’s profile here too.
  • A consistent message via business cards, brochures, website, and your assorted profiles on Healerzone, facebook etc is vital.  Even when you’re promoting different aspects of your work.
  • Consider getting a business coach – we have some excellent ones here.
  • Even if your spelling, grammar etc are excellent, get someone else to edit your website, flyers etc.   Fresh eyes really help.  Partly to prevent silly errors, and also to make sure your message is clear! YOU know what you meant to say, but is that what comes across?

Note the ones you’re NOT comfortable with, and consider getting some help and support – you don’t have to do this on your own!

Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have!  Along the way, look after yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially!
I hope that helps.
Jen Tiller

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