Maybe you’ve shared this experience. Discovering that I couldn’t help everyone was somehow distressing.

Yet it’s obvious isn’t it? For a start I can’t fit ‘everyone’ in my therapy room, workshop space, or webinar. smile It’s only possible to help the people who actually turn up! The ones who know they need what I offer right now, are looking for it, value it, and will do something with it – and, this is the biggie – KNOW that I’m the ideal person to provide it for them! So how do you find the audience that is ready to receive what you’re most passionate and well-equipped to provide?

It saves a lot of work when you stop assuming people want whatever technique YOU do, and start realising they are looking for an answer to a problem THEY are experiencing. For example if someone is going through a divorce, they will be probably be looking for help with property issues, dealing with their kids, financial matters etc.

Although they are probably aware they don’t feel good about themselves, they might have no idea that an image consultation, a massage, a reading, homeopathy, or coaching could help. They might have thought about counselling, but probably have never heard of NLP, EFT, Havening…… so they aren’t likely to be looking for them. So advertising that you can do a particular technique isn’t necessarily the way to go, unless your audience is already educated about it. You’d have to hope people could guess that it would help them, with their particular issue.

On the other hand perhaps you’ve had great success with helping people going through a divorce to improve their self-esteem, and especially if you’ve been through it yourself, you will be able to speak to the fears, worries and concerns they have, using their own language. They will know YOU are the right person to help them – THEN you can talk about the how.

So to help the people you’re ideally placed to help, refine your offering (or offerings – you can do this for a range of things) just be clear in each marketing message who you are talking to so they recognise you are the person to help. Oh, and provide a call to action – phone here, email there, watch this video etc. People appreciate clarity – don’t leave them floundering, or they might not take action and then you won’t be able to help them!

This is something I explore on the Heart Centred Healer workshop, where you will learn how to be an even more effective therapist by nurturing yourself, enhancing your communication skills, and ensuring you can feel great as you make a real difference in the world. If this is of interest, I’d love to have a free ‘clarity call’ with you. Please message me privately, or phone me on 01462 624 160


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