This is a massive subject to be covered in just one day. Caroline reminded us that we are living in extraordinary times and asked “what is making it extraordinary?”  And went on to say that It’s the evolution and transformation, both personal and global and the fact that we, the human race, are awakening; becoming more conscious of the fact that not only are we creating our own worlds but we contribute to our global reality.


Caroline drew on her research and knowledge of military history and theology and the progression of the evolution of mankind and tied in several events in history, particularly World War II as the beginning of the change we’re now experiencing.


She showed how we as a race, lived from our 3 base chakras when our level of consciousness was survival.  She then showed that the teaching of Jesus was the next mile-stone and that was the beginning of the awakening of the 4th Chakra – the centre of Love.


She relates the Renaissance to be a period of Transformation as it was what she called, a Soul dominated world that had a sense of awareness and was not separated from the Laws of nature.  The idea that the earth revolved around the sun was born during the Renaissance period and this period was also the birth of individual thought.


It was almost as if reality was rebooted and the Universe then became ‘structured’ with logic and order. This gave birth to science and medicine as we know them today.  But in so doing, intuition, creativity, imagination and the feminine were shut down.  We became ‘detached’ from our souls (our home) and separation has now become a very real thing – with homelessness being prevalent throughout our world.  As a result we started searching for a logical way out of logic.


World War II was a mystical experience.  Oppenheimer had split the atom!  This is the manifestation of a cosmic split – as above so below – and this was the beginning of quantum physics and the discovery that we live in an energetic world that becomes matter.


Caroline described life as a hologram, with ourselves in the middle and that everything is happening all around us, simultaneously. Everything we think is a choice and has a relation to an archetypical energy.


In this process, enough of the human race began living from their 4th Chakra: that of love and compassion, to begin to make a difference in the world.  We began to realise that if everything is energy and this energy is affected by our thoughts and feelings, we are therefore affecting everyone and everything in our universe.  We began to realise that there is no separation and we are all One.


Chakras 8, 9 and 10 have become active.  She did point out that these upper chakras are not ‘physical’ and that we may briefly ‘visit’ the 10th Chakra, but we can’t stay there, purely because of our physical-ness.


However Caroline reminded us that there is still more healing and clearing out of negative archetypal energies to be done. She gave examples of how the Child, (wounded; orphaned; invisible) or the Warrior/hero (someone who is always at ‘war’) The Hermit; The Healer (some have the wounded healer); The Martyr and several others were still playing out in our lives.


It was a brilliant day. Caroline expanded the concept that there is never ‘either/or’ – never one thing or the other – it is always both! She expanded that we are all One and that everything we think and do affects our global reality.  She showed, from her research in to the happenings of the world that our personal and global journeys in transformation are at One with All That Is.


Rose Todd.


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