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Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily generate new content for posts, articles, even videos or live streams, that grab attention, have great content, and are relatively easy to create?

Although your content will be unique to you, there are some core things that work well in all areas.  The bottom line is: What does your audience want to know, or feel?  What are you passionate about sharing?  Where they overlap will give your audience value!

Below you’ll find useful structures, followed by some simple topic starters.  Have fun!

  • Tell your story – your ideal clients are probably in a situation you, or someone you care about,  have experienced in some form.
  • Inspirational images/affirmations/messages
  •  Testimonials.  Case studies (tell a story).  With permission of course.
  •  Quick reference guide/cheat sheet
  •  Interview an expert on a related topic (ask them to return the favour!)
  •  Survey your audience – ask them about their interests, needs etc.  Can be just social stuff – where they go on their holidays, or into the more challenging areas you work with.  They’ll engage, you’ll get info you can use for future blogs, workshops and products
  • Statistics and data on your industry eg: Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the UK experiences/suffers from/enjoys/spends money on …….
  • Book or product review (if possible, add a link to the book on Amazon using your own affiliate link!)
  • Lists – must do, avoid, bucket, favourite authors etc
  • People who inspire you – share links from and about them, quotes, and share what you get from their work/life
  • Compare and contrast – help people decide what could work for them
  •  Seasonal stories/comments on current affairs

Generating topic titles – fill in the blanks

♥   Cheat sheet for

♥   5 easy ways to

♥   Step by step for better

♥   A-Z of

♥   Stop the

♥   Improve your

♥   Get more of

♥   Release your blocks to achieving

♥   The who, what, when, when, where and/or why of

♥   What you always wanted to know about ………but were afraid to ask

♥   Communicating with your

♥   Meditations on

♥   Worst things you could do about

♥   What I’ve learned from …….about…..

♥   Take back your power in ……(situation/relationship/nutrition)

♥   Sure fire ways to

If in doubt, ask yourself if it would grab YOUR attention!

Part of the Heart Centred Healer programme (Social Media 101)

Love, light and laughter,
Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone
+44(0)1462 624 160

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