You know you can help people, make a real difference, but after all, you can’t help everyone – you don’t have the time or resources.   You can only ACTUALLY help the people who show up, and are ready to be helped!  So how do reach out to the ones who are READY to be helped NOW? The ones who can get to you, value what you offer, and can pay appropriately!  Perhaps most importantly, who you LOVE to work with and to whom you provide your very best.

These are the people that will be attracted to you, and for whom your marketing will be far more effective.

Your ideal clients will share key characteristics – together this will create something essential for effective marketing – this is known as your core audience demographic.  The who, what, where and why of the people you want to reach!

If you don’t know how to recognise, value and reach them, you are likely to be stuck with whoever turns up!  The clearer your intention, the more you’ll attract them, and the better your marketing process will be. It might be very interesting to notice how many of your existing clients (if your business is up and running now) actually match the IDEAL description, and consider how to increase the percentage.

Directions for this exercise: Decide whether you are describing your best and favourite existing or past client, or an imaginary ideal one, and be as specific about the following elements as you can.  There are assorted suggestions for each one, but they are just a starting point.

If you offer a wide range of services or products, think about a client that purchases your most lucrative/favourite one.  (Do consider how to make your favourite one the most lucrative if it isn’t already!)  If unsure, think about the clients you really dislike, and reverse the details!

Then rank these qualities in terms of preference.

♥  Age range eg:  6-15, 35-55, retired, relations of people a certain age such as parents of under 5s, carers of parents

♥ Gender or sexual orientation: Male, female, transgender, gay, celibate

♥  Geographical location, nationality, community eg:  5 miles of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, anywhere in England for postable products,  Indians living outside of India….

♥ Financial level:  over £x income, trying to reduce outgoings, people living in council houses, willing to spend £x per week/month/year with you…..?

♥ What are their main issues, interests, concerns that you provide a solution for?  What pain are they looking to relieve, or gain are they aiming to achieve?

♥ What are the things that keep them up at night?  What do they focus on?  What are the words THEY are using to describe their issues?  Remember, you have the solution viewpoint, they aren’t yet thinking that way!

♥ Do they already know what they are looking for or do you need to educate them about your offering?  Eg: Imagine a client wanting to be helped through a divorce, but they have never thought about using hypnosis/acupuncture/Reiki or whatever you offer,  and so are simply not looking for that.

♥ Where do they get their information?  What magazines do they read, which social media do they prefer, are there any groups they belong to (on or off-line).

♥ What do THEY perceive the benefits you provide are?  How do you know? Have you asked your existing or past clients what they thought and expected before they arrived?

♥ Why are you their best source of whatever you provide for that particular client?  It may not be that you offer, say ‘energy healing’, but that you are local, very experienced, perceived to offer best quality, work from somewhere that suits them, have been through similar issues, are available at times to suit them, or that you have kids of a similar age, or they simply find you more friendly than someone else!

♥ Why do you consider them to be your best clients?  Buy regularly, spend a lot, refer you on, a joy to work with, punctual, friendly, a challenge, you can easily provide the needed solution, use all your skills, fit around your needs, pay on time, will come to you, provide a venue…………..?

Once you really KNOW your ideal client, THEN you can set about reaching them.  That’s another article! Reaching your ideal client!

Author: Jen Tiller, founder of

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