Have you noticed how websites look different on your PC, tablet and mobile? The beautiful design that you get on a big screen can be a huge pain on your phone; endless scrolling, enlarging and waiting for the damn thing to load. Personally I don’t have time to wait and will move on to a site that behaves well on my phone. This may make me a digital toddler but that’s a blog for another day!

Mobiles, iPads and PCs all have different design requirements;
•    Mobiles need to be fast loading and simple to use.
•    iPads make the most of the graphics on a small screen.
•    PCs can deliver both graphics and detailed information in an orderly way.

Moonfruit, who provide the software I use to build low-cost websites, already creates a mobile-optimised versions of their sites, but they’ve finally finished testing their newly coded (HTML 5) software and all websites made from now on will be beautiful on iPads and tablets too. This means that all the thought and care you’ve put into your site will be visible on that gorgeous high-resolution screen.

Moonfruit predict that websites that are already made on  Sitemaker will have iPad ready versions available by the end of February.

There has never been a better time to make a new site, so if you are interested in fruit nation’s friendly, low-cost website design do get in touch.

If you are a client with a site already made by fruit nation, I’ll be offering special deals in the new year, ‘Tablet Tweak’ will be an easy, low-cost way of making sure your website is looking its best on all platforms.

You can email me on kate@fruit-nation.co.uk, go to www.fruit-nation.co.uk or find me on facebook, twitter, google + and Linkedin.


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