Are you of that certain age where you suddenly, or not so suddenly, realise that you have passed the half way point in your life?  You then start to think about how time speeds up once you pass half way. You remember the two week holidays you have had and how in the first week you were relaxed with a whole holiday to enjoy, there was no rush or urgency, you had all the time in the world; just relax.  However, before you realised, you were in the last week. The last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. You started to think about going home, the gifts you needed to buy, if there would be enough room in your suitcase, if you had your boarding pass printed off, was the taxi booked etc. Once you reached that half way point time just whizzed by apace.   The holiday you had looked forward to and planned for so long was coming to an end and instead of feeling uplifted, energised and relaxed; a wave of melancholy flowed over you.  Any of that sound familiar?

Well life is just the same.  Remember how long it was from one birthday to the next? Remember those endless summers? Remember the school holidays with wall to wall sunshine, playing out with your friends from first thing to last thing? Riding your bicycle for hours with a sandwich and bottle of juice in your saddle bag?  Getting dirty, having scrapes, falling out with best friends in the evening and being best friends again the next day?  Remember lying in the grass watching the fluffy clouds and seeing in them, teddy bears, boats, angels and pigs? Yes I always seemed to see pigs!

OK, so you now realise that you are not the only one who feels this way. Maybe you have already had contemporaries pass away and you have become more aware of your own mortality.  You may have been shocked by the number of musicians who have died this year and have been moved by the legacy they have left behind. Watched or even joined in the impromptu gathering of people singing the songs of David Bowie or Prince. You and they know every word by heart. Then thoughts turn inwards. What is your legacy? What will people remember you for? What will you leave behind for your children, grandchildren, and friends?  What about that book you always meant to write? What about the song that is in your heart? What about the poems you have in your head and have never put on paper? What about……………..? Guess what? Life, yes Life.  We worked, we cared, we made homes, maybe made children, had grandchildren. We gathered so many labels over our lives but, is that who we are? Who we are really?

Do not die with that song in your heart, that book unwritten, that poem never spoken, that tune never played…that life never lived!   We all have a story to tell. Do not be sad about the creative people who have died recently and at a relatively young age. They lived a fulfilled life. They brought joy, enlightenment and pleasure to many but most of all to themselves.  Do you know who you are?

It is time to step off the treadmill of life for a while and connect with your creative soul. The universe is longing to see and hear the real you and your creations. These creations that come from deep within; that have been waiting a lifetime to be released from their prison.


Where better to do this than at a 12th century monastery in the heart of rural France? This summer there is the opportunity to stay a while at a special place. This Monastery was built, on an ancient sacred site, by the Duke of Burgundy, Uncle of Eleanor of Aquitaine.  She was given refuge here when she had to flee from her husband King Henry II and over the years their son Richard the Lionheart also visited. It has been a hospital of The Knights Templar and is on the Pilgrim Route.   Maybe this is the time and place for you to come on your personal pilgrimage?  The energy here is very powerful, it is built on ley-lines and there is an energy vortex that even people who are not sensitive can feel. There have been numerous Angel sightings and there are strong connections to both Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary who came to France from Palestine.

I am a former High School Teacher of many years experience. I am now working as a Healer, Complementary Therapist, Lightworker, Wellbeing Specialist, Writer and Intuitive. In short, I am an Earth Angel.  It is my honour to be of service to help you find that diamond you have hidden in the dirt and see your light shine brightly forever.

If anything I have said resonates with you and you would like to spend time at The Monastery; message me ASAP.  Maybe you just need some time to just be you, no pressure, no expectations; just getting to know and love yourself.  I am on site to offer lots of support and optional guided Meditations, Angelic Connectivity Work and Healing sessions.   You can even spend some time sitting or lying in my specially designed copper meditation pyramid. That will really get your creativity flowing!

Do not put this off until tomorrow as tomorrow is not guaranteed.


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