Business tip:

Although content is more important than spelling and grammar, a website, book or advertising material won’t work as well if your potential clients have to struggle with lack of punctuation, poor grammar, random spelling, or lack of logic. Anything that makes a page harder to read reduces the number of visitors who stay long enough to feel motivated to get in touch. Perfection is not necessary, but a professional appearance helps people feel that you are the sort of person who will take the time and care necessary to get things right for them.

Even if we are normally precise in these matters, we literally don’t see errors as easily in our own work, because we already know what it SHOULD say! We can also make assumptions that people know the meaning of certain terms we use regularly. If you can, it’s useful to have a couple of fussy friends and colleagues do a quick edit on anything important. Perhaps you could do a swap with someone. If it’s really important (especially for a special item such as your precious book!) then it might be worth getting a professional editor to help.

If you’re asked to edit someone’s work, please be tactful!

Love, light and laughter,

Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone


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