Have you ever noticed how some spaces are filled with a sense of peace and calm, while others make you feel uneasy or sad, or anxious to leave?  Did you notice some houses just won’t sell while others fly off the market? Do you wonder why some businesses flounder while others flourish? This is because spaces become saturated with the residual energy of everything that happens there.  Clearing your living or workplace of all chaotic, negative, and stale energy will result not only in an immediate and noticeable transformation of the “vibe” of your space, but also an increased sense of well-being and clarity for all of its inhabitants. Space Clearing is a simple technique that effectively cleanses any space of this energy residue, resulting in a fresh, vibrant, and healthy environment.

When Do You need Space Clearing

The purpose of space clearing is to break up any stagnant energy within the home, land or place of business to refresh it, stabilise it and infuse it with the intentions of those who currently occupy the space. Below are examples of where space clearing could be helpful:

1. Clearing the Energy of those from the past

When you move into a home or office, it is important to consider who occupied the space before you and what has occurred there. Their health, happiness, and energy have all affected the space. Even if the new property is stripped bare of all the furnishings, the patterns of the former residents energy will still remain. This predecessor energy will be strongest where they slept, where they sat, and along the ‘pathways’ that they created as they walked around the rooms. There will also be parts of a room or the home that they may not have used for various reasons. This could be a spare bedroom or a corner of a room where a piece of furniture stood hiding a corner, thereby not allowing energy to circulate easily. Establishing a healthy circulation of energy throughout the home is imperative for your health on all levels.

2. After Physical or Psychological Illness

If you or someone in the space has been ill for a considerable period, the vibration of the home will be affected. When someone is seriously ill at home, the daily routine is affected. The occupants’ social life is often inhibited and there is an atmosphere of stillness, quietness and nervous apprehension. For the person who has been ill, there may have been suffering, pain and anxiety. For the occupants who share the space, their energy naturally becomes more subdued. Space clearing after physical or psychological illness will undoubtedly improve the energy of the home and set the tone for a fresh, bright future.

3. After Big Life Changes

Stress from today’s hectic lifestyle can affect all of us. The most powerful causes of challenge include divorce, bereavement, end of a relationship, and loss of a job or change of career. Once we have come to terms with our grief, frustration or anger, it is time to move on. Rather than living in an atmosphere that is charged by the past, it is important, when appropriate, to clear the old and move forward. Performing an energetic clearing is a way to signal the universe that you are declaring the type of energy that you wish to feel in the space in the future.

4. After Conflict in the Home

Burglary or assault in your home creates an atmosphere that needs to be cleared. The space has been violated and many people report feeling uncomfortable when entering their home after such an event. On a lesser level, if you have had violent arguments within the home recently, these have undoubtedly left their mark on the atmosphere. Constant bickering and fighting for months or years on end allows this negative energy to be absorbed into the space and create an atmosphere that fosters disharmony.

What is Involved in a Session?

The process begins before I arrive at your location. First I encourage you to physically clean the house and clear all clutter since there is energy attached to the unnecessary items.  Cleaning is a sign that you have decided to claim the space as your own and that you intend to take responsibility for keeping the space clear. I will come to your location and perform the clearing which may take up to two hours.

After the Clearing

You will receive suggestions on techniques that you can use to keep your space clear. Each clearing comes with a follow-up conversation during which we can discuss these techniques at greater depth if you have questions and review the findings from the healing process itself. You might notice an immediate change in the space or how you feel there. You may notice the rooms look brighter, clearer or bigger. You may feel more peaceful, lighter, airier and more relaxed. Since there is a connection between houses and businesses and the people that live in them or own them, I recommend a full advanced Transference Healing for each person in the family or each business owner. This can be done as a mass healing or individually if you are looking for a more in-depth reading of what is going on with you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Individual Healing Sessions

It is beneficial for everyone involved to receive personal clearing and healing especially after a house or business clearing. There are times when you may feel that you just want to clear the air between family members or with key personnel in your business. This is when a group healing is for the highest and greatest good of all. If you have made the investment to clear your space, then it is absolutely recommended that you clear the individuals in the space as well so that they do not bring old patterns back into their fresh environment. If you do not do this then over time some of the same energy that you had cleared from the space will be brought in again by the people that used the space on a regular basis.

The Individual Healing sessions include gridding which will make it a sacred space during the healing, balance the masculine and feminine principles so that all in the space can come into a state of balance to support the anchoring of their lightbodies and integrate their lower and higher self, energetic cord cutting, reconnection to spirit and the higher self, grounding and alignment to the new earth energies, Crystal Essence Divination Reading and essences for all to support the healing. In some cases a Native American ceremony called the “Circle of Fire” will be performed for purification and support from the earth elements (fire, water, air, earth, ether) and animal, mythical and elemental beings. Individual sessions are £40 per person including essences for each person. This healing is more in depth and and more specific to each individual so it goes beyond the healing that is offered during the house, land or business clearing.

Space Clearing / House & Land or Business

Clearing can be done on a home, property, or workplace. Most clearings can be done in 2 or 3 hours, depending on the size of the house or business. The clearing can be done in person or remotely. When done in person it is best if the person initiating the clearing is present at the beginning and end of each session to declare their intentions for the space. – See more at: https://www.healerzone.com/magazine/category/229237#sthash.BZu0OCAV.dpuf


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