You might have read or heard that a tidy and clean space is conducive to success and a happy life, so de-cluttering is fundamental if we want to have a clear mind and feel great about ourselves. It is not just a rule of Feng Shui, but simply common sense!

By being a woman you have an extra gear to do this, because Nature has provided you with your menstrual cycle. You might wonder what that has to do with de-cluttering your home and your life? Well read on to find out …

Nature gifts a woman with four different times during her menstrual cycle of roughly 28 days, during that period of time she experiences very different energies and approaches life in a totally different way.

To give you a better idea of what happens in a woman’s body, think of the role of the four seasons and consider the menstrual cycle like the calendar year. Winter corresponds to menstruation, a time to rest, nourish body and soul and allow insights to appear. Spring is the pre-ovulatory phase when a woman has a spring in her step and faces everything with optimism and enthusiasm. In Summer she is in the ovulatory phase  and becomes very social and outgoing and everything in her life is easy to cope with. In Autumn she is in her pre-menstrual phase, she gets back in contact with herself and sees all those aspects, that she has previously ignored, more easily. She feels like de-cluttering her life physically, emotionally and psychologically.

My suggestion is to choose this auspicious time of autumn to bring order in your life, make your point with other people and tidy up your home.  You will be in a better mood for it compared to the other seasons and find it very easy.

When you are in your “inner autumn” (pre-menstrual phase) you tend to recollect the things you previously pushed aside or issues that you ignored; these things will be jumping to the forefront of your attention and you will feel inclined to do something about them, right there and then!

This is a huge help in finding clarity and culling the “dead branches” in the wood of your life. It could be a problem at work that you have put up with for months, an issue with your intimate partner or your children, or simply a matter that had been on your “desk” for months on end waiting for you to make a decision!

If you choose to do that in your “inner autumn”, and especially during the autumn (season), you will find it so much easier rather than in another season (inner and outer).

Why not go with nature and follow its flow, rather than choosing to act from impulse which is driven by an over busy mind?

In nature, everything tends to flow like the water in a river or the tide which goes up and down regularly with no particular input from anybody …

If you want to find out more about the cycle’s seasons, I run regular workshops to share with women my knowledge about the menstrual cycle. You can have a one-to-one session with me in person or on Skype, and I am also available for advice either by phone or email on .

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