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Access Bars Class

December 1


Welcome to a one day class learning, as well as receiving, a dynamic set of tools…… the Access Bars ! Relax and let go of old thoughts, old patterns and limiting beliefs…… and begin to look at things from a different perspective. These tools can create change, reduce stress and anxiety, and help us to live our lives with greater ease and joy. It’s amazing to see how things shift and change with these simple and dynamic tools ! And there is such a beautiful stillness, and a space of peace and deep relaxation, when people are running Bars 🙂

What would you like to change in your life ? What would you choose to create, if you could create anything ? What contribution could these tools be to you and your life ? And what else is possible now ?

To register for the class, please click on this link:



Richard Tobin
07906 333035

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