February 3 sees the full moon almost coinciding with Imbolc (1-2 February) on the Pagan calendar. With the moon and this important festival occurring so close to one another, the Imbolc energies are combined with the power of the full moon to make this a powerfully significant time.

The triple Goddess aspects are the maiden, mother and crone; each aspect brings its own gifts and perspectives. During the full moon the Goddess is in the Mother, a time of nurturing not only others but most importantly ourselves. How can we be of any help to others if we have not first made sure we are in a good place ourselves? The Mother aspect of the Goddess invites us to embrace our creative side, to work with unconditional love and use the strength and power of the feminine.

The full moon illuminates that which is hidden in our unconscious mind. It brings behaviours into our awareness for us to accept. Parts of us which perhaps we would rather others did not see. This Mother energy is a reminder to love that part of ourselves unconditionally. Instead of hiding it away, or running away from ourselves, stop and give that frightened child part of you a really big hug. Just let go of whatever judgement you may be holding, imagine that part of you as a 2 year old child, and just love yourself.

As with Imbolc, this is a time to bring your dreams and plans to fruition and manifest your goals. Those seeds planted earlier are germinating if not already flowering. This is a time to just go for it. Release that inner roar! The full moon is very much about taking action steps. Stop procrastinating and step into your power.

I’ve said it before, but I do really like this ritual: take a walk somewhere outside, or even just into your garden and find a pebble or some such small item that takes your fancy. Leave it on a windowsill or outside overnight on the full moon, letting it bathe in the full moon energy. You might wish to recite over it whatever your plans are you would like to manifest this coming year. Keep the item with you for the following week in your pocket, or somewhere you will see it often during the day. Every time you see it or touch it, it’s a reminder of the goals or dreams you have set yourself this month.

Even though it’s so cold this time of year, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, I love to see the snowdrops beginning to flower. It may not always feel like it, but spring really is just around the corner. Time to get hatching those plans for an awesome 2015!

Andrea Wisden

Founder Holistic Blogger & Soul Path Awakening

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