10-top-reasons-for-using-social-media-my-posterDo you want to reach more people who need your help? Is it important to you to make a difference as you make a living? If you’d like to feel more comfortable using social media for your business, this is the workshop for you!

You’ll find out about setting up a useful profile, creating and posting events, the practical differences between the different platforms, basic ‘netiquette’, privacy issues and much more. 10am to 5pm. Lunch included.

We can explore facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and pinterest and and how having a presence there can help you reach people that would not otherwise ever find you! (Yes, this bit is about Marketing. No, it’s not a dirty word!) We’ll also look at making the most of the Healerzone.com site.

This course has been designed for the social media novice with a heart centred small business/charity and there will be the option of follow up support via video conference groups. We start with the assumption that you don’t know anything and that there is no such thing as a stupid question! If you can let me know any specific questions you have before the event I’ll do my best to include them in the day.

It will be a small group so we can do what YOU need.    If you want private tuition, which can be done via skype if necessary, or want to arrange a workshop closer to you, please get in touch.

Please bring a laptop (ipad shows limited facilities but ok at a pinch), let me know if that isn’t possible.

Please get in touch to discuss options for workshops in your area, 1-1 training and more. jens-quick-guide-to-social-media-poster



To arrange a workshop in your area, 1-1 tuition, or simply get more info, please get in touch.  Costs vary depending on numbers and venue.



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