Get Yourself On the Radio

So you want to get yourself noticed and think that Radio might be a good way to do that!

So how do you go about it? Well here are a few things that you should have either accomplished or have set in motion to attain coverage and exposure in your own field of expertise!

  1. Find either an expert in your particular field or someone who you know has had exposure on the radio. Then find out the radio name and look it up on the website and get the programme managers details. Contact them and tell them your story!
  2. Join a local network group and get your name and expertise known! Perhaps even that group may have business contacts that regularly produce radio programmes!
  3. Record a podcast or give an interview to someone who could then put it on the radio. This is your opportunity to show what makes you unique and more of an expert than anyone else in your region!! [This is how I got started by giving an interview, on my unique talents as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to the owner of a local network group, which then led to me getting my regular slot “The Hypnotherapy Show” on Radio Warwickshire every Tuesday evening at 8pm!]
  4. Make sure that the content you produce is relevant and always showcases your brand and your story!
  5. Be passionate about what you do and make sure that comes across in your recordings and leaves people wanting more!!
  6. Get your name known around as the “Goto” guru in your field!!

These are just a few ways and pointers to get that initial momentum going! Let your passion shine through and above all be genuine!! Don’t try to mimic or be like someone else! We are all unique and valued!!!

My name is Derek Fraser Crosson from Derek Fraser Crosson Hypnotherapy. I specialise in Empowerment, Self Confidence, Public Speaking and transforming lives to excel!! I can be contacted on 07534 930265 or by email on or visit my website at

I make people’s dreams come true!

My radio show “The Hypnotherapy Show” is streamed every Tuesday evening on from 8pm to 8:30pm and then it is available to listen to again on Just search for “The Hypnotherapy Show” and you will find all my previous podcasts as well!


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