Notice I didn’t say “Getting a healthy income by being a therapist, coach, healer or intuitive”!

The majority of people in the holistic/spiritual community hold the concept of abundance and attraction as shining beacons, but somehow the healers, givers and carers of this world aren’t automatically materially rich, and many really struggle financially.  Let’s face it, not everyone has yet worked out the bit where you can be comfortable asking money for what you do from the heart.  That’s a big issue in its own right, but not the focus of this post.

So where are you right now?

  • holding down a job that lacks integrity for you, or staying in a relationship that isn’t working so there’s enough financial stability for you to work part-time at what you really want to do?
  • can’t  ask for what you’re worth because your client group is genuinely in need (maybe in the voluntary sector)?
  • doing what you love but struggling financially, can’t take time off, get sick, or cut back your hours, and retirement is impossible?  Either you don’t have enough clients, or you don’t feel you can ask what you’re really worth and need to make a good living?
  •  unable to say no? That could mean you’re working with clients that are not ideal for you! (Do you know who you really want to work with?)
  • financially fine but you’d like to reach more people, and you’re already stretched energetically, emotionally, spiritually or there just aren’t enough hours?

OK, so what if you could reach a point where you genuinely have enough income to have a real choice in how you spend your time, what you give away, who you work with?

Yes, there are LOTS of  options beyond swapping your time for money, one appointment at a time,  if you’re prepared to do things a little differently.  You might have to learn a new skill or two, and put some effort but you’ve been on a learning journey for a while now, haven’t you?!

Everyone’s path is a little different, but here are some ideas to consider.

  • Raise your prices, market well, invest what you make (bit basic, but it does work!)
  • Share your wisdom and passion by creating  your own products  that can potentially reach thousands (not as hard as you might think!)  From books and CDs, to webinars, workshops,  and physical products with your message.  Think about the things that you tell clients day in and day out.  Why not do it once, and sell it?  Even if you give it away it will save you time and more people can learn from it than you would otherwise see in person.

    If you really can’t bring yourself to promote the value of what you offer, pay OTHER people a percentage to sell them – you win, your clients win, and your affiliates win.   How about collaborating on a project?  Eg: take a topic, everyone writes a chapter/gives a talk/does a webinar.

  •  Join something like TSU – a social network site which costs you nothing, but you get a share of the advertising revenue when you use it anyway, and which has a focus on well-being.  Invitation only, so if you’re interested, please message me!
  • Put up videos on youtube that demonstrate what you do, and join the monetisation programme. Relevant ads are added, and you get paid everyone time people watch them, or click through.  The more people see what you want to share with the world, the more you earn, even though you never ask for money.
  • Create an active referral network.  Swap referrals with your colleagues, get paid for referrals (sliding scale depending on lifetime client value perhaps?)
  • Multi-level-marketing someone else’s products – there are dozens of ethical companies you could get involved in.  Building a team is the way forward here, not spending your life selling UNLESS that’s what you want!   You can help your team develop and grow personally as well as professionaly.
  • Affiliate marketing – pick any number of products, programmes, speakers or workshops that you are happy to recommend anyway and join an affiliate programme to get paid for it.  No idea where to start? You can  join Amazon’s referral programme or check out and sieve through to find products that fit your ethics.
  • Get the hang of marketing, especially using social media (yes, that’s a topic in its own right!)

There lots more options – ideas and suggestions in the comments box below please!

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