There’s a saying that everyone has a book in them!  It’s particularly likely when you have something you’re passionate about sharing: an idea, an experience, a warning, a way forward, and I know that’s true for a large number of therapists, healers and coaches.

And once you’ve got one book, the chances are more will flow.

So how do you know if it’s time?  If it’s needed, or wanted?  If it’s worth it? Or even if it’s possible?

Well I can certainly reassure you about the last one, it’s now ALWAYS possible one way or another.  Between easy to use software, self-publishing sites like Create Space, Blur and Lulu, and low-cost e-courses on writing, most of the practical aspects can soon be sorted out.  The days of hawking your books around publishers or their agents is pretty much gone.  The days of vanity publishing where you have to pay for at least a thousand copies of your book up front have also vanished with print-on-demand options where you can literally print ONE book at a time and test the waters.  Don’t like the size, shape, font or discover you’ve missed out something crucial?  No problem – CHANGE IT and buy ONE copy of the new edition to see if it’s what you want to share with the world!

When you’re penning (or more probably typing or even dictating) your masterpiece, it’s vital to keep your intended audience in mind.  Create a virtual version of your ideal reader (an avatar).  Someone who will get the most of it, value it, and spread the word.  Like your ideal client, you can think about demographic, mindset, interests and what will grab their attention immediately.  Make sure you address what they want right from the start, and keep it going so they read to the last page!  If you want them to take action as a result, make it clear what that would be, why they would do it, and where they can get help.   In some ways it’s a stand-alone manifesto, and you have to trust it to do its job with people who may never meet you.

No matter how good your writing skills are, it’s always good to get some help.  Even if it’s just to get someone to edit your work for spelling, grammar, copy and paste errors, logic and readability.  (Yes, these things MATTER because every mistake could confuse or even lose a reader!)  OK, perfection isn’t possible, but the more clean, clear, simple and engaging your work is, the more easily your reader will journey with you to wherever you want to take them.  If nothing else, get a few people to read it through, some who know the topic, and some who don’t.  Prepare to be challenged.  Your work will be the better for it, although it could be a bit uncomfortable.

Over the years I’ve written several books, illustrating and designing them, and in the old days paying for printing and distribution up front.  It’s a deeply satisfying process.   And once you’ve put in all the hard work to create your book, it doesn’t take much more effort to reach a potentially unlimited audience.  Knowing you can make someone’s life a little better is wonderful, but to do that for maybe thousands of people is just AMAZING!

The sooner you start your book, the sooner you will be sending your message out into the world.  Need help?  Please get in touch.  I can provide help through the process, from clarity to editing, helping with software and publishing, and if I don’t know something, I will know someone I can refer you to.

Love, light and laughter,
Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone

01462 624 160



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