Looking for a book on manifesting ? A relaxation CD?  A yoga mat? You can find it through our Amazon store – check out the categories on the right hand side of the ‘shop’. In addition to the products listed here, you can access the rest of Amazon.co.uk.

If you want to search, you click on any product and then on the ‘buy at Amazon’ button  and you’ll go through to the full site, where you’ll be able to use the normal search and purchase facilities (DELETE the original product you clicked on at checkout if you don’t want it!)  When you’re finished, just close the page and you’ll be back on Healerzone.

Have you produced a book, CD or other product which is listed on Amazon?  It can be easily promoted here, so please contact Jen Tiller and let her know about it!  There is currently no charge for this service. jentiller@healerzone.com

If you are having issues with the frame above please click on this link to visit the store directly

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