The Heart Centred Healer Workshop:
feel great as you make a difference!

Therapists, healers, coaches, carers, trainers – are you passionate about your work, giving it all you’ve got?

Well-being practitioners of all kinds often leave themselves out of the caring equation, then wonder how they end up exhausted and potentially burnt out.

Where are you on the burnout scale?


If you’ve ever noticed ‘energy vampires’ in your life that drain you (people, events, behaviours, thought patterns, finances, workload or environments) then this is the workshop for you.

It’s time to build up your resources and become a truly resilient therapist!  The workshop will include very practical skills training, supporting mind, body and spirit.  We’ll look at what drains you, and what sustains you, so you can begin to build a personal plan for long-term well-being.

  • REFRESH your spirit

  • RENEW your energy

  • RECLAIM your boundaries

  • REALIGN yourself with your purpose

During this richly layered 2 day workshop you will:

*  Discover the value of resilience – feeling great as you make a difference!

*  Explore the options – caring doesn’t have to mean giving till you drop!

*  Recognise the signs of impending exhaustion, LONG before they affect you

*  Avoid the negative rapport trap – discover how to create a truly healthy rapport with your clients

*  Create a dynamic state that empowers you AND your clients effortlessly

*  Build your energy and resources with simple use anytime techniques

*  Create new boundaries based on your values, and learn how to ensure they are honoured (this may mean saying no!)

Contact Jen directly for more information on dates and venues and yes, it can be brought to you if you’re in the UK.
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