The site is still being tweaked at the moment, and as each section is finalised, you’ll be able to view ‘how to’ info and videos here.  For post questions in the  Healerzone Helpdesk forum HERE (all members can post questions there – please use a clear Topic heading, or post under an existing one which is relevant).

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Directory Listings are a separate feature to the social profile within the community.  Directory listings are searchable by the public as well as other members, and they all have social media share tools.

To find the My Listings button, hover over Profile on the menu bar at the top of the page, and you’ll see a drop-down  list below (as in image).   Click on My Listings and if you have an existing listing, whether created by you, or the Admin team, you will be able to go to your Directory Listing and edit it.  If there isn’t, go back to the drop-down list and click on Submit Directory Listing button to create your listing.  Either way, make sure the  ‘Excerpt section’ is full of keywords your clients are likely to search for, as that section is searchable in the Directory.

At the moment Social members can create a micro-listing, Professional members an extensive listing with unlimited links, ability to add videos and much more.   Entrepreneur members can have multiple listings (ideal if you have different venues, a well-being centre, or a couple of very different businesses).   This is a brand new feature, and we’re still tweaking, so if you have any feedback, or need any help, please get in touch.

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