The site is still being tweaked at the moment, and as each section is finalised, you’ll be able to view ‘how to’ info and videos here.  For post questions in the  Healerzone Helpdesk forum HERE (all members can post questions there – please use a clear Topic heading, or post under an existing one which is relevant).

If you’re a member but can’t get into the site, or have problems signing up then please send a message via the form below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Directory Listings are a separate feature to the social profile within the community.  Directory listings are searchable by the public as well as other members, and they all have social media share tools.

To find the My Listings button, hover over Profile on the menu bar at the top of the page, and you’ll see a drop-down  list below (as in image).   Click on My Listings and if you have an existing listing, whether created by you, or the Admin team, you will be able to go to your Directory Listing and edit it.  If there isn’t, go back to the drop-down list and click on Submit Directory Listing button to create your listing.  Either way, make sure the  ‘Excerpt section’ is full of keywords your clients are likely to search for, as that section is searchable in the Directory.

At the moment Social members can create a micro-listing, Professional members an extensive listing with unlimited links, ability to add videos and much more.   Entrepreneur members can have multiple listings (ideal if you have different venues, a well-being centre, or a couple of very different businesses).   This is a brand new feature, and we’re still tweaking, so if you have any feedback, or need any help, please get in touch.






Professional level Members can submit content rich articles to be included in the Academy section.  Please note that all articles will be moderated.  You can do this from the ‘Submit an Article’  button under the ‘Profile’ tab or the ‘Academy’ tab on your own profile page.  They all go to the same place.

You CAN:

Post articles which are any combination of text, images, video as long as the following guidelines are adhered to.

Please DO:

  • Create a catchy title that will engage your ideal audience (you do know who that is, right?)
  • Upload an image that matches your title (you can also include images within your article)
  • Think about WHY you are writing and what it will do for your audience!  Your article should be content rich, or else it doesn’t belong in the Healerzone resources section. It needs to do at least one of the following:  answer a question that people are asking, raise awareness, provide facts, define a therapy or business term/process, suggest a specific course of action, inspire,  tell your story including a clear message, provide case studies (anonymously unless you have permission to share names!)   Overall it should show your expertise.
  • Make sure your content matches your title!
  • If you have a relevant offer, or anything that encourages people to know why they should work with you (assuming that’s what you want to achieve) you’re welcome to include it at the END.
  • It’s always worth putting your contact details at the end of every article so when it’s shared people don’t have to do extra clicks on the website to reach you.
  • You can also include your logo, weblinks, more images, and even videos within your articles.
  • Only tick relevant boxes on the categories section, ideally stick no more than 3. eg: Book reviews about spirituality showing up in ‘nutrition’ doesn’t look professional.

Please do NOT:  Spam – if it’s mostly advertising it won’t get through our moderation process.

Please do NOT:   Ramble, lack logic or get to the end without giving your audience the information/experience implied by your title.

Please do NOT:  Make it difficult to understand by using poor spelling, poor grammar and/or poor punctuation.    (If you want help, I recommend you use Grammarly or other free spell-check software, get a highly literate friend to edit it for you, and consider getting someone who is your ideal audience to read it and see what they think about the whole thing.)

Please do NOT:  Use technical language without explaining it in simple terms.

Please do NOT:  Tick irrelevant category boxes.

Please do NOT:   Use hateful language or disturbing images.






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