Hello Dear Readers,

Here is a simple self-healing exercise to help you Center in your own Heart. It may change your life.

The best time to try this exercise is just before you go to sleep…but anytime is o.k

1. The first thing to do is lie on your back, and relax every part of your body from head to toe.

2. Place one hand in the Center of your chest between the nipples.

3. Imagine your hand SINKING DEEPER into your chest.

4. What do you FEEL there?  Don’t think, just FEEL.

5. You might begin to feel a tingling, a burning…or an expending sensation. Don’t worry…this is perfectly normal. This is your Heart expanding.

6. let your mind go.  Just stay with the FEELING.

I wanted to give you this exercise because there is great love within the center of our hearts. There is great wisdom too.  The more you keep practicing this exercise, the more your heart expands. This INNER LOVE will begin to HEAL YOU through anything. Our HEART CENTER is part of WHO WE REALLY ARE, and our Beliefs about who we THINK we are simply melt away…..



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