Facebook is a wonderful marketing tool for small business owners and therapists, it’s free, you can find your niche market and tell them directly about your products and services.

But how do you tell people about your page? They will have to like it for your beautiful images and engaging comments to appear on their newsfeed, but they’ll have to know it exists first!

Luckily facebook wants you to tell people so here’s a list of things to do.

Invite all your facebook friends to like your page. 
In the admin panel part of your page, use the handy box you find above your cover image to invite your friends to like your page.

Ask them to recommend it to their friends too
Send them a direct facebook message that explains your project and asks for their help.

Invite your email contacts to like the page.
Again, facebook has this covered, in the admin panel of your page click build audience (top right) and then invite email contacts. You can choose who you invite so you don’t need to invite everyone; Uncle Bob need not be baffled by communications about Doulas!

Publicise page in relevant groups.
Find appropriate groups using facebook’s search function and ask to join.  Once you’ve been accepted, introduce yourself and be communicative, contribute your knowledge,  warmth and fun. Don’t make repeated requests to like your page, or post offers without joining in, it looks pushy and cold.

Add the web address of your facebook page to all communications,
email signatures, letter headings, on your newsletters, blog, twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, brochure, business cards and leaflets.

Tell people!

Yes, it is still possible to tell people in real actual conversation in real actual words! Radical I know, but if you have a great page, with really useful information on it, you are doing them a favour! Ask your clients, customers and friends to like your page and explain that when they do, they’ll get access to great offers and information.

More great facebook tips coming soon to save you time and promote your work.

Do leave a comment below and let me know the ways that you’ve found to tell people about your page. You can post a link to your page below, or join in the regular Fruity Friday ladder on fruit nation’s facebook page too. (Did you see what I did there??!) You can find out more about fruit nation low-cost websites and social media on the website.


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