Most people work on the basis of  1 hour = x £ or $.   Let’s face it, you can’t help everyone, you don’t have the time – even if they know you are there and can physically get to you.  In that business model, you have limited income, and only a limited number of people can benefit from your expertise and support.

Passive income is a hot topic for the generation facing limited resources as baby boomers reach retirement age!   There are lots of options, including multi-level marketing and property investment. They can be very worthwhile, but if you’re reading this, the chances are you’re a coach/therapist/healer/trainer doing work you love as you make a difference in the world and you’re not ready to change careers just yet!

Here’s a simple approach to freeing up your time and potentially generating more income without  compromising your integrity or making you less available to the people you want/need to spend personal time with.   Most importantly, it’s about utilising your existing expertise and passion!

Workshops and webinars are great, and allow you to share some of your expertise with a larger audience.   The next step up from that is to make something  which people can use EVEN WHEN YOU AREN’T THERE!  You can give it away,  sell it, or get someone else to sell it.

The idea is to create a product/s which has immediate value, and can be downloaded or accessed directly from your website or other link.   It might take the form of a ‘white paper’ full of information, an audio track, video or programme combining them all.   This might lead to more personal clients, simply give you added income, or just reduce your wasted time from repeating the same information over and over again!

The people accessing it might be local to you,  existing/potential clients, or across the globe!  It doesn’t matter, if you can offer them something they need which has value in its own right.  It could be a one off, or the first in a string of ever more valuable products, creating a great income stream.  It could lead to more personal clients, or workshop participants, or (depending on how you want to structure it) help you reduce the hours you work.

So what could you offer?    What are the things you tell your clients/customers time after time? If you’ve ever felt a bit like a parrot, this is information you can share with a wide audience!   Perhaps you could demonstrate a process that people can do at home. Perhaps it’s a series of coaching style questions that can help them shift and grow.  Webinars can be recorded – the energy of a live event and the value of an accessible source of information.

Ask your existing and past clients what would be useful to THEM!   So often, we forget that we are the experts, and our clients don’t know what we know!  DUH!  Even the simplest things (to us!) can be life enhancing or even life changing for people a few steps behind us on the learning curve.
Save time, help more people, make more money (for yourself, your family, a charity?)  It’s a no brainer.

In the Healerzone spirit, how about collaborating with colleagues who are in related fields, so you’ll have information you can ALL share/sell/benefit from?  Next step:  Marketing.  We have quite a few marketing experts around the Healerzone community, so look for their articles, connect directly, get your products out into the world and making a difference – just as you already do in person!

I’m currently sourcing software to create a range of products – especially to create video interviews/webinars  and interactive online materials.  Get in touch if this appeals!

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Love, light and laughter,

Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone
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