Who wants to lose?  Anyone wants to be a loser? No-one? Thought not…   Whenever we think of losing anything we get an unpleasant feeling in our gut.    Did you remember when you last lost your car keys? Or when you lost your wallet?  Or when the cat got lost and thankfully reappeared days later? How about when a loved one was ill and you thought you might lose them?  And when your favourite football team was on a losing streak?

The words “loss”, “losing”, “loser”, do not have good connotations at all. Yet the terms “weight loss”, “losing weight” are all too often used when what we really mean is getting in better shape, getting a healthier body, moving closer to our ideal shape.  Notice how these expressions sound and feel a lot lighter.

Your unconscious mind does not like losing anything.

If you consider that your unconscious mind is like a small child that loves you very much and wants only the best for you but he is only small and does not understand everything adults say.

When talking to a child you want to make yourself clear, use simple and clear language to ensure you are understood and you state want you want them to do in positive terms.
That’s the way to speak to your unconscious mind, which, by the way is always listening to what you are saying to yourself, to all your thoughts not just to what you voice out loud.

And the unconscious mind’s job is to help you get anything you want and need.  Remember that it is our unconscious that keeps you heart beating without any effort on your part, it keeps you breathing, digesting etc, without you having to constantly think about it.

So your unconscious hears you talk about “losing” and balks at the idea.   It wants you to win, to achieve, to be successful, to reach your goals but losing, sorry, that does not compute.  Hardly surprising then that it often sabotages your slimming plans, coming out with doubts or reasons why it won’t work.

Let’s talk about winning instead.  Instead of thinking about “losing a pound”, how about getting one pound closer to better health?

Imagine you are saving money for a grand holiday.  You put a certain amount away each week towards your holiday fund, until one day, there you are, you have enough funds in your account – hooray, let’s book it!

Think of how much you need to “save” and determine to put away so much each week until you have reached your ideal weight.

We all have a personal account at our Health & Lifestyle Bank.  Like all banks when you go overdrawn they charge you massive overdraft penalties.  How much are you overdrawn on your health balance?  Consider paying back the overdraft, bit by bit each week.  The closer you are to getting out of the red the less penalties, like discomfort and pain, you will have.   Handle your health overdraft like you would any debt.  Careful management and realistic repayments will keep you going in the right direction.
You can, if you wish arrange to have a small, authorised overdraft facility, to tie you over in time of holidays and celebrations when one could excess on occasion but keep it small, like 10% of your ideal weight maximum.   Please bear in mind that this account at Health & Lifestyle Bank does not pay you interest once you go below your ideal weight, the debt manager will take over again and charge you even more penalties.

So get set for victory.  Can you see all you have to gain?  Use only positive clear language to enlist the power of your unconscious mind to support you all the way to a healthy balance.  Get clear on how many credits you are depositing each week in your account and keep the final outcome in mind.   To help you visualise it create a spreadsheet of your account and monitor your successes, notice how closer you are getting to your goal.

Celebrate all along the way with a small treat.  Remember to congratulate yourself with each step forward – your unconscious mind will respond well to being recognised and double its efforts in helping you win the Weight Game.
Daniela Horder – Healing & Coaching


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