A frequent topic that pops up here and in similar groups is the concern that earning money from therapeutic work is somehow opposed to a spiritual way of life.    Here’s a bit of ‘stream of consciousness’ on the topic, not in any way comprehensive, but I hope will stimulate some thought.

My personal take is that living a spiritual life is about awareness, kindness, and giving and receiving so that everyone stays in healthy balance, connected to whatever form of Source they know and value.  You can be spiritual in the role of a used car dealer or stock broker, or  unspiritual as a light worker who manipulates others to feel needy and vulnerable.   It’s not all about money.

I think you will probably agree with me that greed is appalling, soul and ultimately planet destroying.  It comes from fear, lack or simply excessive ego, and can feel very aggressive.

At the other end of the scale, people who give endlessly without appropriate and nurturing return may come across as doormats, with low self-esteem, and become vulnerable to the energy drains of the world because they can’t say no, or get more support and resources so they can say yes in a healthy way!

There’s a midway balance between greed and giving everything away, which we can each create in our own way.  For me, the more willing I am to accept, the more people I seem to reach.  I love what I do, and FINALLY I’ve learned to feel comfortable receiving monetary compensation for my skills!  People feel comfortable working with a professional, and happily refer friends and family.  Marketing is a new area for me, and one I was NOT comfortable with for a long time.  Now I see it as reaching more people I can help.

Personally I’ve done a lot on a voluntary basis over the years, but now simply haven’t the resources left to do so as I head towards retirement without any form of pension or capital! I believe in my own capability to create abundance – however it involves me being willing to accept money/resources for what I do.

Most of us in the Healerzone community (hypnotists, massage therapists, coaches, trainers, osteopaths, energy practitioners etc) run businesses to support ourselves and our families by offering the most effective, ethical options we can provide. (I have to say it’s taken me a LOOOONG time to consider what I do as a business!) If you consider money simply as a representation of energy exchange, fair compensation is reasonable for our time, energy, expertise, and the cost of our training. And the more you have, the more you can give!

There is also some thought around this that if someone doesn’t give something appropriate in exchange, our work is less valued and actually doesn’t have the same effect! I’ve seen that sometimes from clients within an overtly charitable setting, or someone ‘trying it on’. In those circumstances, the client doesn’t always take appropriate responsibility for the things they need to implement to move on.

If I became a millionaire tomorrow, I’d still do what I do and probalby share the wealth and skills by employing/training more people to help me!  If you wouldn’t, what would you rather be doing?

The Healerzone motto is “you can’t give what you don’t have!” and that’s true for every resource. If your mortgage company accepts massage in exchange folks, let me know!

What do you think on this important subject?

Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone.com
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