Habitual over-breathing (technically known as hyperventilation syndrome) is breathing more than someone needs for the level of activity at the time. Someone who’s affected will probably be breathing too much all the time, although it does vary. Some people experience exercise-induced asthma, because their breathing levels go up quite dramatically with activity.

Others have what seems to be the reverse problem. They feel great when they exercise, and awful when they don’t. That is likely to be because they are permanently overbreathing, and it’s only when they exercise that their breathing rate matches their activity level. They simply don’t reduce it much when at rest so they put an increased strain on the system by losing too much carbon dioxide too early in the cycle. This can also be true of professional singers or musicians who play wind instruments. I’ve seen quite a few people who got ill when they stopped being active at sport, singing etc, usually about a year or two after. It can be partly emotional, but for over-breathers it was measurably about their breathing. Both, of course, can be simply and gently improved within a short time with appropriate help 🙂

With some people who have a habit of poor breathing, they might not notice it unless they add something to the body’s load. It can be as simple as talking for a while, laughing or crying a lot, eating a big meal, or having a mild cold. If they don’t have asthma or other respiratory issues, they might not even realise the way they’re breathing is contributing to making them feel extra uncomfortable.

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