I do it. You do it. We all do it – and probably more often than we realise.  Sometimes we become complaisant, sloppy thinkers.  We forget that we are the creators and are the source of everything in our lives.


Now, I know you already know the basic keys, but it is good to be reminded as we slip into our old thinking habits very easily.  This is how the Law of Attraction works. Remember it always response to you.


I know you’ve heard me say it before, but I’m going to say it again: the Law of Attraction is not a manifesting technique; it is a natural Universal law – like gravity. We are the creators of our lives and it all starts within, with our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts are important, but it is our feelings that are the creative power.  We are always creating more of what we’re feeling.


We are limitless beings that have taken on a lot of negative, limiting and restricting beliefs. To live the life of our dreams we have to be aware of our feelings; moment by moment.  If we don’t like how we feel, we won’t like what we’re manifesting when it shows up.  The way you feel in this moment now, is creating your future.


The Secret is a wonderful book that opened the door to millions. Millions of people were excited by the concept of creating their own reality. But it left out a very important part. Then there were a stream of other books telling us about the real secret and the secret behind the secret and even what is beyond the secret, but few tell you, the bottom line.  To get a better life – we have to change.  Our lives are created from the inside out.


Creating and maintaining the life of your dreams is an inside-job.  It’s a way of life, not something you do only when you remember.  Checking your feelings, guiding your thoughts has to become a way of life. We have to change our limiting and restricting beliefs about ourselves and life.


There are steps and strategies; tools and techniques that can help you. And you do know them. There are different ways of changing how you think and feel about yourself and life. There are many different ways of doing making these changes because one method is not going to suit you every time.


So I thought perhaps it was time for a reminder three tools that can help you get back on track.


Remember that your feelings are creating your life.  The words you say are not important; it’s the real feelings underlying the words that are creative. And there is often a difference between what we say and what we’re thinking.  We often pay ‘lip-service’ to people saying things like “you didn’t really upset me” when really we’re angry and upset.  Remember, the feelings and not the words are creative.


If you use these tools daily, you’ll soon notice your life changing.


Set your intention: or remind yourself of your intention. Set yourself a goal that is believable to you, and expand it as you lift your limitations.  Setting your intention is like putting the postcode of your destination into your sat-nav. You are telling the Universe where you want to go.  Point yourself in the right direction every morning. Set your goal daily – and plan ahead. Make sure that everything you think and do is taking you towards your goal and not away from it.


Use affirmations to lift your mood. Your affirmations should be positive statements that include uplifting feelings. The key here is repetition.  Say them often.  Affirmations are extremely powerful as each one reaffirms your personal, creative power.  By constantly saying these positive statements, you’re replacing your negative belief with a positive one.


Remember that Now is all there is.  We can only live life in this moment Now. All our yesterdays have gone: they are only figments of our imagination, lodged in our memories. Tomorrow is a figment of our imagination.   Now is all there is and this moment Now is where we live our life. Be happy Now, with what you have, and the Universe will deliver more.  Be grateful that you have everything you need to be happy Now – and the Universe will deliver more.


When you hold your thoughts for longer than a minute, a momentum of that vibration begins to build and manifestation is guaranteed.  Make sure you want more of what you’re feeling. If not – focus on something else: looking at something else will change your thoughts and your feelings too.


These are three simple things you can do, now – in this moment, to change how you feel and slowly, surely, step by step, your life will begin to change for the better, as you create the things you want, people and events will come into your life that open doors that you never knew existed.


PS – Oh and another thing. My mother once shouted at me because my children didn’t sing – that was because I didn’t sing. Sing.  Sing happy songs. Singing will change how you feel instantly.


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