There always seems to be a lot of paper on my desk and no matter hard I try to keep it in tidy heaps, it seems to have a mind of its own and wanders all over the place like a vine on the loose. Yesterday, to clear a space on my desk, I gave a heap of paper and some CD cases that I hadn’t returned to their rack, a sharp push and they knocked against my Vision Board and it fell to the floor.  Crash!  Not everything on the board was pinned securely, so bits of paper, ribbons and a butterfly (no-not a real one) went flying in different directions.


vision board.jpgI posted on Facebook that my vision board had fallen down and was it perhaps symbolic!  My brother replied that perhaps my visions need a good shake up.


And I started to think – It’s been the same for some time, probably years and although I want some of the same things, it definitely needs attention. And I wondered if you have given your vision board any loving focus lately?


Your vison board should be a bit like a photograph album or a scrap book of your ‘new’ life – your future.


Imagine, visualise, bumping into an old friend that you haven’t seen for over a year. You are delighted to see each other and you have a coffee together.  Your friend says to you – “So tell me what you’ve been doing since we last met.  What have you been doing all year?”


You start to tell her how wonderful your life is now; how it is better than you could have imaged. Tell her about all the amazing things you have on your vision board as if you were living them now.  Every photo; every picture; every symbol on your vision board tells a tale – for after all; pictures speak louder than words – and they are telling the story of your future, that you have consciously created.


Just to remind you, emotions are the creative power – so feel high vibrational emotions when you imagine talking to your friend:  feel the enthusiasm and the wonder of your life: feel the excitement and the optimism and gratitude for the following year.  Feel it!  Feel it! And then come out of your visualisation and keep those feelings alive.


It doesn’t matter what you feel good about; it can be anything – a clear blue sky: watching a child play; or seeing two old men laughing together – keep your emotions high!  And the by the nature of the law of attraction – the universe will begin to deliver your dreams.


Sorry, would love to chat more – but can’t stop now.  Got to go and write my new story in pictures and symbols.  One last word- well – three really – live your passion.

As always, I’d love to hear from you.


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