All are feeling the shifts of the Lions Gate and the recent August 13-20th intensification as new crystalline energies come on line and we move further into the Aquarian Age.

Some of the maladies will be headaches, and flu like symptoms. As the energies upshift and we are catapulted once more to new levels of Aquarian shifts and upsurges. Energetic strain can also be felt in the aura and chakras. Chakras are aligning with the new energies and individuals will feel the surges and flows differently and as always it is the physical that takes the time to adjust.      Invariably it is how clear the physical is as to how smoothly the upshifts are dealt with. Certainly what we are going through now with faster upsurges, will show and highlight weakness, overload and dysfunction in any system. Physical, Emotional, Mental and Etheric.

There are many misconceptions regarding the Aquarian age start date. Some sites say we are only feeling the Aquarian Age energies now in 2016, when the truth is that we have been experiencing the AA energies for some time.

The official date is believed to be 2005 when we felt the intensity and we have received many upshifts over the last 11 years. Certainly 2012 was a catapult to engage in the new energies.

We have been in the Aquarian Age since 2005 and some would say even before that we have been moving away from Piscean age and into Aquarian for nearly 100 years. Which is logical. It is a transition as one Piscean age phases out and Aquarian starts. Some may believe it just arrives but that is not so.

Certainly since mid 1990s sensitive people have been managing the maladies and symptoms with each change, Headaches, neck pain, aches, pains, nausea, upset stomach etc., it depends upon the alignments, the energetics and familiarity of the energies or how out of kilter they feel that puts pressure upon the body.  Certainly something I experienced during mid 1990s until 2012 to greater intensity.

As written in my new book Global Reach Earth Inspired, the story of our transition from mid 1990s to date (out 2017). AA energies will continue as the energies increase and we are catapulted into new energies that we are more familiar with – all good news for us.

The segment or levels have been troublesome in the past and will continue in the next ten years, as we learn to integrate faster. This is where Diamond Inguz LiGht Healing, and Dissolve and Resolve Emotions Therapy helps to clear the individual from the blockages and malfunctions of the past to enjoy a smoother transition. A complete support system designed for such times. All is dependent upon our individual connections and realignments as we come on line for Galactic Consciousness. Something we will all get used to.

Certainly the present push is all about Galactic Consciousness – something we have forgotten but will realise once more as we move through 2016

It is what the next new phase of Allonus LiGHt Healing incorporates; Omni HeARt connection is all about.   Launched November and it is November where we will be receiving a big push for all of us to align to GC.

Happy days are coming !

Joy Wisdom

27th August 2016

DVD and Youtube interview on many topics

Founder of Allonus ZEST of Life programme

Allonus LiGHt Healing programme

Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015

Commitment to Excellence 2015


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