Life can be a challenge and at times heart breaking at times. Sadly loss, seperation and change is a huge part of life. Sometimes these changes can be easy,  sometimes we think well never recover.

Spiritual Life Coaching is a great way to help you flow or shift through a Transitional period of your life, particularly if your stuck in. Life Coaching is generally a great tools to gaining more confidential,emotional and practical support to get through the really difficult times, the I dont know what to do times and the oh my goodness, how can I cope times. Spiritual Coaching goes a little deeper and can involve exploring difficult issues or trying to find yourself..find your purpose..find your gifts.

I was very fortunate to be brought up in an environment that encouraged using and developing your gifts. The eldest of 9 , I was brought up by parents with sheer determination, a father with the determination and drive to start his own manufacturing company despite having no education and a mother who nurtured 9 children very close in age.

Other than access to a library of self help books from a young age, the greatest gifts my parents gave us was the encouragment we received in using the talents and skills we were given. So from a young age I tried various jobs and learnt various skills.

This helped me enormously at a stage in my life when my health left me predominately housebound. Up until then I had loved to dance and sing and had  been studying vocals at college when I became extremely ill. I was only 22 and suddenly couldnt do the simplest things that we all take for granted. As a previous dressmaker when I left school, sight problems and allergies to fabrics and simple household items made even many hobbies difficult. I was so unwell I found it very difficult to read or even count the simplest subtractions. But the fact I had been encouraged to develop and value the gifts I already had also helped me tremendously seek new interests, new ways of tackling issues..I am in no way saying it was an easy ride it was at times heart breaking, frustrating and despairing…but this early encouragement gave me hope, courage and inspiration.

The first valuable lesson I had to learn was acceptance this took me 5 years of trying to fight an illness, with every self help tool I could get a hold of and every holistic therapy one could imagine.  But working with my illness  was part of the healing. I then re-looked at old and  new skills and interests and found different ways of acheiving certain things and realise other thinsg would come in time. 8 years later after a few years of planning I started my own business, I always wanted to teach personal development and stress management but I still required a lot of rest so I designed a health mail order/advertising business, but magically within 3 years I was offering a part time personal development and stress management therapy service to local schools and education around my rest periods.

My learning didn’t stop there, I like most people in business had huge challenges and even more challenges living with an invisible  illness that left me with serious mobility and exhaustion issues. And well for the business to survive  around various other health challenges I gained I had to change the design and structure of the business more times than I care to remember.

But my business was the best things that happened to me it gave me a purpose, it help give me some of my self worth back, it helped me create experiences and avenues that opened up my life into a deeper emotional and spiritual perspective than I would have imagined. It gave me the skills to help support and empower other people, to help people them see their life in and out of the box, which became part of my healing journey.

I believe one of my biggest gifts now is about empowering individuals who are going through difficult challenges, health issues and helping people find their gifts or interests, helping them regain some passion and to help build their self esteem and confidence and even better self worth.

One of the most honoured things you can do in life is be given the skills and chance to help support someone through a difficult challlenge in their life.

In my work I have been so fortunate to have met some amazing people who both motivate and inspire me, I would love to work with more more people who are  hidding their unused gifts and talents. I want to work with more people who really want to change, who are feeling stuck and just need some practical guidance and support.

I offer a range of  Online Life Coaching Sessions and Email Packages includingSpiritual Life Coaching, Stress Coaching, CBT …..

Check out my new spiritual coaching site or even better join our Stress Angel Coaching Site for free and get access to some of our free meditation downloads, competitions and offers.


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