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It’s Panto time! Our local ADHOC group are putting on ‘RED!’ at the end of Jan, so I must get some tickets before they sell out (they’re very good). Pantos are entertaining, good fun for the whole family (if you like that sort of thing) & always have a villain, hero, idiots, miracle worker, dancers, cute animals etc. all designed to take you through their story & live happily ever after.  If only life could be like that!  Pantos follow a carefully written script – life doesn’t.  If something goes wrong in our lives, we can’t laugh it off & vow to do better next performance. We only have one shot at life.  Occasionally I have felt that I’m smack bang in the middle of a Pantomime. Life gets farcical & you can’t believe what’s happening to you: Everything gets out of control, people are running rings round you, things you value get taken away …. & then someone starts to sing!

Now, if you like your life chaotic, then I take my hat off to you, but chaos, when it lasts a long time, often turns into stress.  Life should be fun, spontaneous & made for sharing, but even Pantos have a half-time Interval & an end because neither the audience nor actors can keep up the pace!


If your life is turning into a Pantomime, have an interval. Close the curtains, sit down with an ice cream/choc/whatever relaxes you & calm everything down. Begin to take control by writing your own script that ends the way you want it to.  Alternatively, if you’re yearning for some excitement in your life & relish the opportunity to pick a fight with an oversized talking wolf dressed in a knitted shawl & lacey bonnet, have an Interval & write a more exciting script.  Either way, it’s no good saying ‘Oh no, I can’t!’  I say, ‘Oh yes, you can!’

Success Stories

TB from Bedfordshire was doing ok in their current state, but knew there was room for improvement.  “My situation was improving but I was still very dis-organised.  I perhaps needed guidance in how to set myself achievable goals.”  So, they did something to improve their organisation skills – they came to see me!  The result? “I now write down & print out ideas & goals in my own time which I couldn’t see myself doing before the coaching.” They took their Interval, started writing (literally) their own script & are happy in their new job (yes, another one of my Clients has a new job).



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