Past Life Releasement reiki healing Session is done by working on one past life at a time, not multiple past life sessions. This is not a past life reading, but rather a releasement of the issues that you are carrying around with you during this current lifetime.When working on past life releasements it is important to work through individually to sort through the energetic issues.

Past life issues can cause problems on a physical level, emotional issues, mental instabilities, and even disconnection from spirit. Working of releasing all of these issues from your past lives allows us to be more in the present moment, only having to answer to this life’s issues with our energetic output, and be able to move forward in our life.

During a single session, the portal has to be located, released, and then healed of the damaged that has been incurred. Once this is done you want to make sure that the portal for this past lifetime is also sealed shut. This is working on a single past life session at a time. We all have multiple past lives that can be released during our present lifetime.

This reiki healing is working for the past life time issues on an energetic and portal level, not a cellular level. It is important to work through both areas on an energetic level and cellular level to feel both effects in your life. For a combined past lifetime healing session you can amplify this work with the Past Life Cellular Memory Clearing.

If you know which past life you wish to work on and want to tackle a specific one, please let us know beforehand so they can work on the one you want to release. If no specific past life is stated then whatever past life is brought to the forefront during the initial scan will receive the past life releasement.

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