It’s important to remember that you’ve been on a long journey to get where you are. You’ve come a long way. Stop and give yourself a hearty ‘well done’ and a hug!

You’ve been on lots of training (whether formal or in the University of Life), worked hard, and no, you’re still not perfect but you’ve learned a lot that you can share with your clients. Did you ‘get the message’ the first time you were told you needed to change something? Probably not. Did you forget, or get sidetracked? Probably quite often! How many teachers have you had? One way or another, LOTS!

So, a few messages here: 
1. Be patient with your patients! You’ve been there too. And you’ll probably go round the loop (hopefully in an upward spiral) a few more times yourself.
2. No matter how many other people do what you do, no one does it the way YOU do it, and your journey will be part of why your clients are drawn to you, even if you never talk about it – although it can help if you do.
3. If you’re afraid of competition, just remember people need other teachers before and after you for you to be the right person at the right time. Your clients will probably work with dozens of people through their lives. Be clear about what you offer (remembering it changes over time) and be your authentic self.

Today you may attract one sort of client. As you grow, you are likely to attract different people (in every sense). It’s a journey.

Love, light and laughter,


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