One of the best ways to make use of your Healerzone membership is creating content-rich articles that can be added to our searchable resources.   Here are the basics of SUBMITTING ARTICLES

Sharing your expertise is a great way to grow your tribe, get recognised for your expertise, and offer value to your potential clients.  The process of crafting an article can bring a new level of clarity to your thoughts, which will be of benefit to your audience.  A well-written article for Healerzone has many uses!  It can be repurposed/expanded as the basis of a talk, webinar, Facebook Live, magazine article, youtube video or workshop.   Your colleagues will also see your value, and a good article can easily become a source of referrals as people get to know more about your work and what you can offer.

Only Professional and Entrepreneur level Members of Healerzone can submit articles to be included in the Academy section.   (Please note that all articles will be moderated. ) You can start the process by clicking on any of the ‘Submit an Article’  buttons, which can found under the ‘Profile’ or ‘Academy’ tabs, or on your own profile page.

When you’re writing an article there are some core things to keep in mind.  Keep the following guidelines in mind as you craft your article.  Whatever platform you post on, many of them will probably apply to every article, blog or social media post you will ever write!

You CAN:

Post articles which are any combination of text, images, video as long as the following guidelines are adhered to so ‘Article’ means all or any of that.  We don’t have a length limit for articles, but remember that short and sweet is often the way to go if you want to grab people’s attention and get them reading NOW!

Please DO:

  • Create a title that will engage your ideal audience (you do know who that is, right?) Make sure they know the article is what they want or need to know about!
  • Upload an image that matches your title (you can also include images within your article)
  • Make sure your content matches your title!  It’s essential that you create content-rich
  • Think about WHY you are writing.   What will it do for your audience and for your business?  Your article should be content rich, or else it doesn’t belong in the Healerzone resources section. It needs to do at least one of the following:  answer a question that people are asking, raise awareness, provide facts, define a therapy or business term/process, suggest a specific course of action, inspire,  tell your story including a clear message, provide case studies (anonymously unless you have permission to share names!)   Overall it should show your expertise.
  • Structure your article well – make sure you’ve got a useful introduction, good content, wrap up, call to action or at least a cheery farewell!  Or as they say in the biz:  Tell them what you’re going to tell them; tell them; tell them what you’ve told them!
  • If you have a relevant offer, or anything that encourages people to know why they should work with you (assuming that’s what you want to achieve) you’re welcome to include it at the END.
  • What is your call to action?  Sign up for a newsletter, call me, view a webinar, follow me on Twitter????
  • You can also include your logo, weblinks, more images, and even videos within your articles.  It’s always worth putting your contact details at the end of every article so when it’s shared people don’t have to do extra clicks on the website to reach you.
  • Only tick relevant boxes on the categories section, ideally stick no more than 3. eg: Book reviews about spirituality showing up in ‘nutrition’ doesn’t look professional.

You can save your post as a Draft and go back to it as many times as you want, and even edit after it’s published. (Draft articles will be accessible through your profile page under Posts).  Once it’s live (remember it will be moderated) you are very welcome to share the link anywhere that works for you.

Please do NOT:  

  • Ramble, be illogical or get to the end without giving your audience the information/experience implied by your title.
  • Make it difficult to understand by using poor spelling, poor grammar and/or poor punctuation.    (If you want help, I recommend you use Grammarly or other free spell-check software, get a highly literate friend to edit it for you, and consider getting someone who is your ideal audience to read it and see what they think about the whole thing.)
  •  Use technical language without explaining it in simple terms.
  • Tick irrelevant category boxes.
  • Spam – if it’s mostly advertising it won’t get through our moderation process, and you really don’t want to be seen as pushy, wherever you post!
  • Use hateful language or disturbing images.

So now you’ve got your head around the core guidelines, decide on your topic and get started!  If you’re stuck on what to write about take a look at my Cheat Sheet!

If you have any technical issues, please let us know.   Please remember that only Professional Level members can submit articles, so if that’s what’s stopping you, please click here to find out the benefits of membership at the ridiculously low cost of £3.50 a month HERE

If you want help and support with creating your articles, understanding and defining your ideal audience, or getting to grips with reaching the people you are ready to serve, please book your free half-hour consultation by phoning me on UK 01462 624 160 or messaging me HERE

Love, light and laughter,
Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone





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