I have a tendency to put off dealing with what’s uncomfortable.   Things get done in a hierarchy of easiest first.   Sometimes that’s useful if I’ve decided on a task/project, broken it down into manageable steps, and do the easiest one.  Generally, it means I take smaller risks, rapidly get confident with what I can do, and build on it.  Once I’ve got momentum up, and a bit of experience, then off I go!

Procrastination really doesn’t help when I look at all of my projects at the same time, and just pick the easiest one rather than the most important, most useful, or even the most urgent.  Worse still, if the easiest one gets boring, the chances are I’ll put it aside too.   And if I’ve really allowed myself to be overwhelmed, I’ll do things that are completely irrelevant to the task in hand.  Oddly enough I might justify it by doing something ELSE that I’ve previously put off, such as clearing a cupboard, going to the gym, or research on another topic entirely.  I end up going in circles.

I’ve noticed that when I think of something as a chore, and start to get a bit martyred about it, focussing on the problems along the way, I will probably park the whole thing.  However, when I have a really clear vision of the outcome, and a passion for the purpose behind it, I start to get excited about taking action.  If I tell the world about it, make a promise, or am serving some else’s needs, I’m also more likely to take action.  

(Which is interesting, since I tend to think of myself as an introvert – motivated and energised from within.  Maybe I need to rethink that….. hmmmmm.)

Combining those motivations, and then getting started by finding the easiest, most efficient path, is a very effective way to get me out of slog mode and into flow.  

And my best results come when I set a direction, hold an intention, and tell myself and the universe, onwards and upwards. Once the momentum builds, the outcome is likely to be even better than I expected!

What gets you motivated?  Taking action?  Finding your flow? 

The question is, did I write this blog about procrastination to avoid doing something else…. ?  Oops, possibly.  But at least I noticed – you can’t change what you don’t recognise!

Love, light and laughter,


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