Buteyko Breathing programme

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Struggling with your breathing?   Wheezing, or often out of breath?  Tired out by talking?  Losing sleep because of your symptoms?
Whatever the trigger, and however long it’s been going on, you really can feel better!   In a relatively short space of time you can reduce, then reverse, asthma and many related symptoms which, for most people, can be easily maintained long term.

Free How? By learning the clinically proven Buteyko Breathing technique with Jen Tiller.   Yes, it takes practice, but once it’s integrated, it’s a skill for life and your body will rapidly reduce inflammation and irritation in the airways, gain energy, balance, calm and comfort. The Buteyko technique is also proven to improve blood pressure, and makes a big difference to anxiety levels, IBS symptoms and overall energy levels.
Because it makes a measurable difference to oxygen levels, it’s very beneficial for people with ME/CFS, and of course it is also ideal for athletes at all levels.

Why use Buteyko?  Whatever the trigger for your asthma – temperature, stress, allergy, exercise etc – the underlying biochemistry involves hyperventilation (breathing too much, too shallowly and/or too quickly for a given level of activity, generally accompanied by increased levels of cortisonal and adrenaline).   Once the breathing reaches a certain point, your airways can go into spasm as a protective mechanism.  Once you create better breathing habits – eg: slower, using the abdominal muscles among other changes – your body simply doesn’t get triggered to respond that way.

The programme involves 10 hours of 1-1 therapy and training.  Usually two sessions of 2 hours each, 2 of 1.5 hours, and the rest as it suits you.  Ideally the sessions, or at least the first 4 hours’ worth are done in person, but it is possible to work via video conference over Skype (or similar).  Best results are achieved when the majority of the sessions are completed within a 2 week period. Once the symptoms are truly stable, reducing any preventive medication if you take it, should be done with your doctor’s assistance.   Email and phone support is included.

You’ll receive a comprehensive resource pack as well.  It’s recommended that you keep a journal (written or audio) through the process, to chart your progress.   Everything is measurable, and it’s great to see the numbers improve along with your symptoms!

Why should you work with Jen Tiller?  Jen is an ex-asthmatic who completely overcame decades of serious, chronic illness by using this technique.  Having trained with Professor Buteyko’s business partner as a therapist in 2001/2, and used the approach herself since 1994, Jen is one of the most experienced therapists you will find.  In addition, she is an NLP Trainer, EFT Practitioner and Reiki Teacher, so she can also gently and effectively deal with any related emotional issues you may wish to work on within the sessions.   Jen takes a very gentle approach, that makes change comfortable.

Jen normally charges £60 per hour, so paying for the whole programme up front provides 2 hours of her time free.

GUARANTEE:  Follow instructions and you will get measurable, worthwhile results (what that means to you we will agree in your assessment session.)


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