Stress managment session and resource pack



Want to get rid of that nagging feeling of stress or anxiety?  A 1.5 hour session (via video call or phone) with stress management consultant Jen Tiller will help you  identify underlying sources of stress (physical and practical as well as emotional) and set up a blue-print for enhancing your well-being day by day.


Includes downloadable resource pack including guided visualisations and document with relaxation techniques.  Additional 1 hour sessions focusing on specific strategies are available.

Jen has been a therapist, coach and trainer for nearly 20 years.  Herself an ex-asthmatic and ex-agoraphobic, she is passionate about sharing the shortcuts to well-being that have changed her life.  Her unique combination of skills and experience provides a gentle, effective way to create a healthier, happier life.   Jen is an NLP Trainer, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Teacher and Buteyko breathing therapist.

Having paid for this package, you will get immediate to access to the downloads. Check your inbox for an email with details to book your 1-1 session.  Jen is based in the UK and offers flexible session times for overseas clients.


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