Quantum Physics and past life ground hog day scenario   – Remodel your future with Quantum Field amendments

Lineages and cultures have passed down through the ages – some good….

Some not so good. Created by others in action in us TODAY….

Emotions shape us psychologically; creates our living world. Emotions will narrow or expand our vision and perception of life, it will limit or cap accordingly.     Limits, caps our abundance; impacts our health and forms our mind sets.

We absorb enormous amounts in utero (unfortunately slow to be acknowledged in science or medics). We need to acknowledge the hidden factors that are part of our psychological, emotional and health disorders. As they are part of the problem and solution.

Through trials with mice pups, scientists in 2012 proved that memories are passed down from parents. I have found evidence that substantiates the above living and continually in therapy session. I have known for some time the impacts from absorption and the womb even writing a book about it in 2010.

What is not understood is that we carry it forward via us to the next generation, keeping us entrapped in outdated consciousness, that quiet frankly does not serve any of us.   Our Quantum filed perpetuates the outcomes. To make amendments to our future we have new approaches to train or receive through Dissolve and Resolve Emotions. Radical techniques to erradicate.

To read more see web site www.allonus.co.uk

You tube videos http://www.allonus.co.uk/index.php/media-menu/allonus-media


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