Step one is to know who your ideal clients are!  What are their main issues, interests, concerns that you provide a solution for? What pain are they looking to relieve, or gain are they aiming to achieve?

So now you’re clear on all that – if you’re not, please read this article first: Defining your ideal Client – where are your clients going to look for you? Where should you be marketing?  Quite simply, wherever your ideal clients gather information!

By extension, if you really know your ideal clients, you’ll have found out where they gather information.  It might be via Google searh, on specific forums, Facebook, Twitter, school mum buddies, newspapers, yellow pages (yes, they still exist!), business networking groups (what kind?), going to relevant exhibitions,Tesco noticeboards, wellness magazines, their existing therapists, other existing service providers……….. Find out what, specifically, your clients did to find out about you!  Are other ideal clients likely to find you the same way?

It’s crucial to know the actual words your clients use to describe their issues.  That’s what they will be looking for, and how they will recognise that YOU understand their concerns.  Law of Attraction is about resonance.

People will feel a deep connection, a resonance, with the person that uses the specific words that describes what they’re experiencing in their terms.  Make sure that’s you, or someone talking about you.  If your clients are looking for help through grief, they are looking for that, not necessarily Reiki, or acupuncture, or any other specific healing modality.

Warm referrals are an ideal way to get clients. You clients are likely to use people and services that are somehow related to your business but not in competition with you.  Who are they likely to consult or purchase from before or after you?  Consider the problems they are dealing with.  Would they be working with coaches, different therapists, mediums, estate agents, lawyers,  feng shui consultants, gyms….?

If you haven’t already done so, it’s well worth setting up potential business links and discussing a mutual referral system with relevant people. Check if it’s best as a vague idea, a spoken willingness, an active process, a direct affiliate arrangement or something else.  How can you upgrade that and make it more rewarding for all concerned?  Consider providing cards/brochures for them to give out, teach them the key phrases to listen for, and suggest some ways to tactfully recommend you.    Ideally, this would be a mutual arrangement.

Other souces of referral are of course your clients and colleagues.  What would you like them to be saying about you, and to whom?  Have you asked them if they will?  Make it as easy as possible for them to refer you.

Perhaps you could ofer a free session/product/discount your referrers can offer, which is something that you might do anyway to bring in clients! it makes them look like the good guys if they can offer something of value for free.

When you consider your existing client list, how well does it match your ideal client profile?  Hold a clear intention, create a programme to draw them to you, and have a more successful and enjoyable business!  If in doubt, get help.  Delegate. Talk to the experts.  There are great people out there, in all price ranges.  Notice how you search for them…..


Author: Jen Tiller, founder of

Part of the Heart Centred Therapist programme.


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