Living the best possible life you can, isn’t – necessarily – about your surroundings, but ok, it might be, if you need to leave a place or situation that doesn’t nurture you.

It IS, always, about what you pay attention to.  The thoughts you allow to dominate the moment.  The beliefs that drive you, and especially your beliefs about your beliefs (do you KNOW you can change them?  Think it’s impossible?  Wonder if your life would change and how you’d feel if you did change them, but….always a but…..)

Nothing in this world is more important than this moment because it is eternal.  Any choice you make washes through every moment of your life, future, present and past, because it’s all one.*   And what you do and feel in this moment ultimately, at least a bit, affects everyone else on the planet, because in this moment you are in a particular state.  You give off pheromones, brain waves, electrical signals and heat; make decisions, take actions, or don’t.  Ripples on the pond.

You think, you feel, you believe, you emote, it shows up in your face, your posture, your tension level, your behaviours, your choices and what you pay attention to.  People respond to you.  Systems are impacted.  And each one affects the other, and round it goes again.  That is, actually, a good thing, because any change in the system can have an effect – it’s up to you to make it a positive change!

So what can you choose, now, that makes the ‘next’ eternal moment better?

Shhh.  Hush a moment.  Slow your thoughts.  Be physically still. Breathe out.  Rest the breath.  In the space before you breathe in again, there is stillness, waiting for you.  In that moment, you have choice.     In this moment, the eternal now.  But there does seem to be a cumulative effect.  So more good choices can wash out some of the effects of something less positive.

Almost anything could be useful.  As a start, my recommendation is to love yourself.  Yes, even if you don’t feel you deserve it.   Because unswerving, unconditional love, compassion and caring, doesn’t require a reason.  Or work.  You don’t even have to LIKE yourself.  It just requires a choice.   Go on, give yourself a hug (and/or some healing if you do that). The world will be better for it.

Love, light and laughter,
Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone

* (you might like to check out the recent work on ‘The Block Universe’ by Quantum Physicist Dr Bradford Skow).



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