You are probably thinking that ‘save time on twitter’ is an oxymoron aren’t you? But as twitter is such a great tool for promoting your business and increasing your profile it is worth finding ways of making the process more efficient.

This blog will introduce you to Buffer, a great tool that allows you to share great content on twitter, facebook and Linkedin without spending all day at your computer or mobile.

Buffer app is elegantly designed and simple to use: you can easily schedule your tweets so that you can space them out, that way;
– you don’t annoy followers by bombarding them with loads of tweets all in    one go  and
– you can organize your tweets in advance so you can cross the task off your to-do list for the week.
– you can maintain your presence on social media while you do some actual work or even go on holiday!

You will still need to pop in to your twitter account/facebook page to make conversation and reply to inquiries everyday of course because it is a social media after all.

And it’s free
The free version allows you to have one twitter, one facebook and one Linkedin account with up to 10 tweets in your buffer. Depending on your aims this could be nearly a weeks’ worth of content.

I pay $10 a month (about £6.50) for unlimited posts and up to 12 profiles.

Time posts in advance
You can schedule your tweets for individual days so you can reach your followers when they are checking their timeline.

It works for Facebook too!
Facebook has it’s own scheduling tool for pages, but if you like to post links to blogs, articles and so forth, Buffer is a great tool to use here too though you’ll still need to check in to your page to chat with your likers.

Load posts straight from your browser
Buffer gives you a little button for your browser bar (a browser extension), so that when you come across an interesting news article or blog, you can load it instantly from there. It means I can load a months’ worth of posts for my facebook page and twitter stream in about an hour.

You can also buffer from within facebook, buffer your re-tweets and buffer from google reader and from your phone or tablet.

Find out what works
Buffer has easy to understand analytics so you can see what sort of tweets your followers like and when they are reading them. Then you can re-cycle them with a click. Ka-boom! It’s the kind of thing that makes me very excited.

Let me know what you think about using buffer to schedule your posts by leaving a comment below. You can email me on, go to or find me on facebook, twitter, google + and Linkedin. You could even buffer this blog : )


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